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Delivery date for Virtuemart Plugin

Nowadays, shipping is an important issue that most online businesses focus on. For online items, an automatic shipping management is necessary to ensure every order to be delivered on time. Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 2 plugin can do you even more than that. It will control delivery time and date automatically instead of manually recording theme.

How it works
The extension works based on configuration on back-end. According to that, admin can custom the delivery time and date so that it can suitable for your business plan.

Delivery date for Virtuemart Features

* Advanced date selection
Customers can select an exact date or a more flexible with a period of time. The plug-in shows date on a calendar bringing a nice experience for customers. They can pick up the date quickly without choosing manually.

* Advanced time selection
Like date, customers can also select time as a point of time or a period of time. There is a time slider for you to select time easily by dragging without filling manually.

* Date blocking function
For holidays or days off, you can totally block those dates so that customers will be unable to select them. It’s so easy to control your shipping plan.

* Shown on invoice
The information of delivery date and time will be displayed clearly on invoice. Shop owner can know when to deliver the order.

* Customized layout
In admin panel, setting allows you adjusting the color of the plugin. So you can apply favorite color or suitable color to your store.


- Smart time slider and calendar

- Block holidays or days off

- No need to log-in

- Make a drop-down list of location or time

- Flexible select time and date (a point of time or period of time)

- Customized style


VERSION 3.0 - Updated on 27th, August 2014

+ Compatible with Joomla 3.x and VM 2.9.8
# Fix bug of displaying and hiding properties in admin configuration, icon and text overlapped.
# Fix bug of not printing delivery date and time on checkout page successfully.

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Reviews: 3
I need the delivery date plugin for virtuemart! In the beginning i've got some problems because i want it a little different. I send the question and everything is fixed! super!
Owner's reply

Hi fulleffect,

It's great to hear that you get satisfied with Delivery date for Virtuemart. This extension is truly excellent for the businesses that have a dynamic activity for shipping. Hope that you still approve us with more extensions in the future. Thanks a lot


Reviews: 4
Thank you for support!!
I had problems with template when i moved to other hosting, but i received help about all my problems. I sent a list with problems and receive good support for each one. Thank you!!!!
Owner's reply

Hi Miltonreales,

We give a great thank to you for your approval. It's good to know the delivery date plugin for virtuemart satisfies your need. Hope to see you come back with more extensions from CMSMART team


Reviews: 2
I needed some customization to the delivery date f.e. only show two weeks ahead and disable todays date. I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards from the Netherlands
Owner's reply

Hi jack schuurkes,

Thanks for your approval. We would like to provide the better virtuemart delivery date plugin so customization is necessary. It's good to know that you get satisfied with our extension. we will keep do the good work to make you more and more satisfied. Hope to see you come back. Thank you

Reviews: 3
The support by Mr. Lakabina was very excellent. I needed some customization to the delivery date f.e. only show two weeks ahead and disable todays date. I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards from the Netherlands
Reviews: 1
The product I purchased was exactly what I was looking for. Works perfectly. The support I have received to date is tops. Any issues I had they sorted it out immediately. Thank you for a great product and support service.
Reviews: 1
I purchased this extension many months ago, and it has yet to work correctly. I needed to be able to restrict delivery to certain dates (only a future Tuesday or Thursday). Every time I open a support ticket, I am asked for my administrator login details...and then the extension is uninstalled / reinstalled. After a few orders, I will get one with a delivery date that SHOUDLDN'T be available. I've given up on trying to get support from the author and am trying to fix it myself.