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Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart Module

Almost well known e-stores today have powerful drop down carts swiftly revealing the added-to cart products in an excellent dropdown list appearance. Ajax Dropdown Cart makes ecommerce websites look tidy as well as competent, giving customer’s pleasures when reviewing products that they have chosen in shopping activities. Ajax Dropdown Cart Virtuemart extension is easy for you to set it up like a regular Joomla installation. After you activate the module and include it in any chosen position in Joomla template (the top/header is recommended), it is ready to use the drop down cart.

Virtuemart extension is a great add-on module for your Virtuemart shop. It supports multi languages and no need to translate anything. Ajax drop down cart contains whichever currencies that your Virtuemart website uses. You just translate Virtuemart Component to the native language, apply the currency, then everything will be automatically set in terms of Dropdown Cart Virtuemart extension.

Install this Ajax Drop Down Cart Virtuemart extension for your site, you will see the difference. After activating the module and place in the your chosen position of Joomla template ( recommended the top/header position), you can immediately use Ajax drop down cart.

Below Are Other Features of Ajax Drop Down Cart

- Instantly update products into to the cart
- Immediately update total prices of the cart, working with Virtuemart calculation system
- Include custom field for each product
- Update numbers of the product as well as price for more than one item
- Shoppers can remove any product from the cart or preview details of the dropdown cart by clicking on the cart button
- The collapsed line shows how many products are in the cart
- The expanded line shows each product with its quantity, thumbnail, name and sub-totals

This module is compatible with latest Virtuemart version VM 2.0.12 and Joomla 2.x.x

Change Log:

Updated Date: 13/01/2014


- Customer can increase/decrease product quantity
- When the quantity is updated, the price will - - change accordingly
- Can delete any product in cart
- Empty cart and shopping again


- Modern admin panel interface
- More user-friendly features
- Options to choose the layout style: available styles or custom colors
- Show/hide the delete button
- Show/ hide the update button
- Show/hide quantity input fuction
- Show/ hide the update function for all products
- Show/hide empty cart button
- Support multi languages
- Used by Ajax technology

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Reviews: 1
I installed this cart as part of a templates, but strangely it got error after joomla updated. I contacted the support team, and within 24 hours it solved ! All by their team, none did I do. What a great support, very recommended. Nice work guys !!!
Reviews: 1
Wow ~ ~ I really thank you,Your service is really good, I will continue to support your products ~ ~ ~
Owner's reply

Hi atung,

We're extremely excited when see your approval of our product. The Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart get your satisfaction and we believe you will get more from us. We will try our best to do better. Thank you


Reviews: 4
I receive all support ande resolve all my questions. I like that they help me to find the solution in each problem. Thank you!!
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Thanks so much for your review! We're taking a great effort to enhance the support system to get satisfaction from you guys. Let's give us more feedback so that we can meet your demand. Once again thank you.
Have a nice day

Reviews: 4
It's a very good extension and I recommand it : the support is of great help to !
Thanks to CMSmart team
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Hi Feb78,
We're so glad to hear that the Ajax Drop Down cart extension has helped you a lot. The Ajax cart for Virtuemart is really a trend-setting in this era of tech. So, Cmsmart team still keeps updating and improving its features and layout to bring you a more perfect product. Thanks a lot for your review.
Best regard

Reviews: 1
Good Job! This plugin is customize so easy and thanks for amazing support.

I give 5 star.
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Hi Genxer 34,
Your positive review on the Ajax drop down cart extension will be highly appreciated. CMSmart team will strive for providing you more good extensions even free extensions that we're working on (finding free ones on
Thanks once a gain.
wish your business successful!