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Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart Plugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
One Page Checkout For Virtuemart plugin is 100% Ajax, available with 5 colors and 2 layouts (2 columns and 3 columns), auto IP Geo, Virtuemart2.

One Page Check Out For Virtuemart Plugin - No HACK, 100% AJAX, Compatible with Virtuemart 2.0.22+

The Virtuemart default checkout is lowly appreciated because of unfriendly layout, too many steps, slow response…Therefore, shop owners have tended to figure out the new solution for a more attractive checkout process. One page checkout for Virtuemart is an advanced application that enables you to own a smart checkout page – 6 in 1 and the powerful automatic function of updating data. Equip your site with one page checkout; you will see how wonderful it works.

How it works

The one page checkout adds up necessary steps in 1 page so that customer can easily follow which step they are in. Based on the Ajax technology, the extension is able to update automatically data changed by customers. Hereby, customer don’t have to refill the data manually, they will be changed according to the status of initial data.

One Page Checkout Features
1 Responsive version(coming up)
Its design can adapt to different screen resolutions or smart devices. Thanks to responsive layout, your customers can view it clearly and see it working well on their devices at any time.

2 Auto IP Geo location
With Geo IP technology, the one page checkout extension can detect automatically client’s IP through computer’s IP. Thus, clients do not need to fill all information manually, just input postcode only.

3 Auto-updating data
All information related to expense (taxes, prices, subtotal, and total) will be changed automatically when customers change the shipment and payment modes without reloading page. Customer will save time not to fill them once again.

3 Multiple payment modes supported
Paypal, PayZen, Moneybookers, Credit card...and other highly preferred payment gateways are equipped with the extension. So clients can easily make payment from different countries.

4 5 color choices
There are 5 basic color choices for your store. You can select the color that most fitted to for your style.

5 Double layout style
Flexible layout style give you the choice in which change its layout to be suitable for your customer’s taste. It can be full-width, 2 or 3 columns.

6 Coupon code added
Easily apply coupon code and get discount for your whole order quickly.


- Convenient with 6 steps on 1 page

- Save time with auto-function (location, address, price, tax…)

- Register right on checkout page

- New account creation while checkout

- Easily apply coupon code

- Multiple style, layout, color

- Multiple payment mode supported

- Responsive design and work well on different browsers

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Reviews: 1
The plugin by itself is not perfect but which extension in Joomla is perfect, right? End of the day, it is the support that count and the support they have given so far is excellent. I am rating them a 5/5 for their support alone!
Reviews: 1
This is really an awesome extension, you will be able to checkout in ONE page! It fits perfectly with my needs!
Owner's reply

Hi dottorgrasso,

It's so excited to hear that the Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart fits totally with your needs. We will keep up the good work to give you more nice products in the future.


Reviews: 3
I really didn't like the standard check out. This looks much cleaner. The support is really superb! I want to have the delivery date plugin on the one page checkout and they fixed it really fast! Keep up the great work!
Owner's reply

Hi fulleffect,

So do we. The default checkout is really annoying with too much complicated steps. Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart is much better and approachable for your clients. We will keep up the good work to see you more in the future.


Reviews: 1
I really appreciate the help of CMSMart team in installing all the extensions i requested promptly on my domain twice. Great work team
Owner's reply

Hi plzaus,

Thanks for your approval on Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart. It's also good to hear that our little support was useful for your sites. We will keep up the good work to give you better service in the future.


Reviews: 2
The plugin is wonderful.. and Most importantly is their support is very responsive towards the problem that you have. Even though unrelated problems.. they are also willingly to advice you on it. Good job cmsmart team!!
Reviews: 2
I try a lot of plugins for one page checkout virtuemart but this plugin is the best.
1st)The design is wonderfull
2st)The support is excellent!!

Thanks cmsmart team!
Owner's reply

Hi dimitrakopoulos,

Thanks very much for your support. Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart is always one of our best sellers. We will try our best to develop and improve our products better that all products become best sellers ^^. Glad to see you satisfied with our support team as well. Many thanks again and hope to see you more in the future ^^!


Reviews: 1
Had trouble making it work initially due to javascript conflicts. However, thanks to very "hands on" support, i managed to make it work, even better than expected. Thats what i call great support.
Owner's reply

Hi gus.emm,

Many thanks for your approval. One page checkout for Virtuemart is one of our best sellers which provides customers the most sufficient checkout. Our support team feels great to khow they can help. Hope to see you more ^^!


Reviews: 1
It's a good extension,good support as well.For some reasons I had problems in installing it to my website but their support was awesome.Got me through the bugs.One word.Amazing
Owner's reply

Hi isunas,

Thanks for your positive review. Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart is a useful and user-friendly checkout, it's great if you can recommend it with your friends or business partners. We're glad to see you happy with our support team. Thanks again and hope to see you more in the future!


Reviews: 1
A very easy to install module and very prompt support team.. Great work..!!
Owner's reply

Hi Tarun@Sotrue,

Thanks for your positive review. Cmsmart One Page Checkout for Virtuemart always is one of our best selling product. It's great to see you satisfied with our product and support team. Hope to see you more ^^!

Reviews: 2
Virtuemart extensions are quite specific, because they are usually related with real online business. That makes them to be very important for users. After some searching, I have chosen this one because of promising demo site and reasonable price - and I'm not dissapointed.
It just works (what's not so obvious when we talk about Virtuemart extensions). But what's even more important - the support is fast and competent. Not every detail was perfect from the start - but they have really helped me to solve my problems. In my opinion, they deserve 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Hi Fregata,
Cmsmart's One page checkout extension for Virtuemart is truly highly preferred, however, when it comes in real, of course, there are problems and we're always ready to support to fix them. It's good to know that you still approved us even when problems arise. Thank you. We will do better to give you more excellent products.


Reviews: 1
I bought and installed this extension from one of our clients. The installation was very easy. The support helped us when we needed to integrate some other payment method with no further charge. The extension works very well and it is very easy to use from the shop vistitors. I am very happy when the support is there for you. After eight months I asked them for some customization and they offered to fix it at no charge!!!
Owner's reply

HI efilip,

Thank you for your review on our One page checkout Virtuemart. we always expect this extension to be the most preferred one. It's good to know after 8 month, you're still our close customer. Hope that you will make more purchase from us.


Reviews: 4
It is a good extension. I bought this extension few months ago, and it is very helpful for my company and my customers. Good!!
Owner's reply

Hi Miltonreales,

We're highly appreciated your review on One page checkout for Virtuemart. This extension is built to cut down time for checkout and bring convenience to clients. It's glad to hear that your clients get satisfied with cmsmart one page checkout for virtuemart. We will try our best to give you more excellent products. Thanks for your approval and wish your business successful.


Reviews: 1
I have purchased this component after lot of search for the same kind of module, initially had a doubt whether it will perform as i thought. But after purchasing the component, i installed it(Very easy to install). It is performing as exactly as i thought. The support from the expert support team is excellent. I suggest this extension always to try. Thank you CMSMART.
Owner's reply

Hi Rk.sahyd,

It's good to hear that our one page checkout extension works well on your system.This is one of our best seller extensions, so we always try to improve it with support system then if there is any conflicts or problems, you can freely contact us.
Thank you and wish you a nice day!


Reviews: 1
I was looking for a module really able to propose the payment and / or registration on one page. I wanted simple and design.

I found my happiness with this module. There was a small bug with the latest version of virtuemart but very reactive updated its files and the module works perfectly team.
Really good !
Owner's reply

Dear Imencity,

Thanks so much for using one page checkout extension from cmsmart. This extension is really a quick and convenient solution for your store and your customers as well. It's also good to know some of your bugs could be fixed ASAP. CMSmart support team will always try to give the best support to dear customers like you!

Best regard,

Reviews: 2
The support was excellent. They solved my problem within a day. Now the one time page checkout extension is working very well with the special delivery date and time plugin from CMSMART I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards from the Netherlands
Owner's reply

Hi Jack schuurkes,
We saw your review on facebook :)We're truly highly appreciated your review and your positive approval as well. It's good to know that the Virtuemart one page checkout and Product delivery date extension can work well on your site. We know problems can occur any time so more importantly, we always here to support you :)Thanks so much Jack and wish your business successful!

Best Regards,

Reviews: 1
I bought this extension to enable a smarter check out process for the shop. OnePageCheckout does exactly what we need.

Also the support is realy great and fast.

Absolute Recommendation. Perfect done.
Owner's reply

Hi Wieser,
Thanks for your review on one page checkout extension for Virtuemart. The checkout extension is smart and convenient as well so it's also good to hear that the extension can meet your demand. We hope that you will come back for more extensions and templates from cmsmart. Thanks again!


Reviews: 3
The support was very excellent. They solved my problem within a day. Now the virtuemart one page checkout extension is working very well with the special delivery date and time plugin from CMSMART. I can recommend the Virtuemart extensions from CMSMART. Keep up the good work. Best regards from the Netherlands
Owner's reply

Hi jschuurkesc,

Thanks for your positive review on One Page Checkout for Virtuemar. The support team feels absolutely happy to know that they can help you. One Page Checkout for Virtuemart is a smart and useful product, it's great if you recommend it and our products with your friends and business partners. Thanks again and hope to see you more ^^!

Reviews: 1
I've bought the plugin for my virtuemart shop and I'm very satisfied with the extension. The support team solved all my whishes and remarks in a short time. Very very good support! 5 Stars. Go on like this...
Owner's reply

Hi Webspoon,
Thanks for your review on One page checkout for virtuemart. Your satisfaction give us a great effort to improve more and more the extension. One page checkout from cmsmart is one of our best seller, then we hope you can share it with your friends. Thanks so much.


Reviews: 2
One page checkout does what it says. So much better than the standard checkout process. Standard checkout process of Virtuemart is too complicated and is does not look attractive better said a bit messy. This can lose you customers. One page checkout looks good, is easy to customize with css and the most important thing, easy to use! I’m 100% sure sales increase only by using this plugin.

We use this plugin on a multilingual site straight out of the box it had some problems in combination with my template but the support team is supurb. They had it running in no time. I even asked them to make some tweaks to it and they did this for free!

If you are looking for a real one page checkout for VM2, this is the thing!

I recommend it and will use it in all my VM2 shops for sure.
Owner's reply

Hi Webgraphs,

It's our pleasure to get the really positive feedback from you on Virtuemart One page checkout extension. This extension is truly advanced when creates the most convenient and easiest checkout process for your customers. We're pretty sure that one page checkout for virtuemart can bring more and more customers to your site. Thanks for using our product and wish your business really successful.


Reviews: 1
When i've paid the product, the extension was immediately activated.
I had problems to combinate it with another extension so i've contacted the support, two houres later they've already solved my problem and so they gave me a great service.
I can only give my best regards to the creators of the extension and advice everyone to buy it :)
Thanks alot guys, for the good service and the suport u gave me.
Owner's reply

Dear Nachtwens,
Thank you very much for your encouragement on our support team. I hope this extension will work correctly on your site forever. We're always here to help you.