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Human readable order numbers Plugin

Extension to assign human readable numbers to VirtueMart orders. The default pattern is YYYYMMDDNNNN, changeable to any YMDN pattern you require.

Version history
2.2 - Added separator option in user defined pattern (thanks to Erik van de Wiel)
2.1 - Added automatic update checking via Joomla! Updates plugin
2.0 - Added option of user defined order number pattern
1.1 - Corrected condition if the order number is four or more digits (in this case the number generated was YYYYMMDD0000NNNN)
1.0 - Initial release

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Reviews: 2

This extension solved my problem very quickly. It works exactly as described, easy to set up and is free! At all sites, including e-mail, and administration preserve its original invoice numbers and number series changes only for new orders, exactly what I needed.

Thank you for good job!
Reviews: 4
To have Virtuemart number sensibly with a normal sequential numbered format:

1. Install Plugin
2. Configure plugin as "User defined"
3. Enter the number of "N"s corresponding to the number of digits you want in your order number. NNNNNN = 6 digit order numbers.
4. Enable the plugin.

Done. The plugin automatically starts order numbering using the natural sequence already established. We already had 318 orders on record, so this plugin numbered our next order at 000319. Sweet.

A nice non-commercial free alternative to the for-pay plugin already on the market.

Reviews: 1
A great help to repair numbering orders! Thanx