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Invoice Management Advance for Virtuemart Component

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Virtuemart is the leading Joomla eCommerce extensions, and we have to write a long list in order to mention its powerful functions. However, one of the weaknesses of Virtuemart is Order Management Process which is lack of support for Invoice Creation, Batch Invoice Generation, Admin Order Creation…
Many Virtuemart shop owner feel exhausted when receiving an offline order via phone and email but cannot find a way to create this order and issue a PDF invoice to clients. Updating the invoice layout is also a job that cannot be done with almost Virtuemart users.
Now with Virtuemart Order Management from, the entire above problem comes to the past.

Changelog version 2.0 updated April, 15th, 2014

+ Interface changing

- The interface of “New Orders Extend” is nicer and more user-friendly

- The interface of “Template Invoices” is more eye-catching and adds more items to select such information as: Shipping tax, Subtotal tax, Subtotal price…

+ Fix bug (PHP code, Languague…)

+ Add statistic function:

- Total income for specific time and full-time

- The statistics of order status is displayed under 2 forms of graph

- List orders in accordance with the selected time

- The statistics of best-selling products for specific or full-time is displayed under 2 forms of graph

- The statistics of monthly income is displayed under 2 forms of graph (12 months at most)

- The statistics of order for country is displayed under 2 forms of graph

Virtuemart Order Management Features:

Developed as a Virtuemart add-on which is attached 100% into Virtuemart core menu to simplify the usage ( other same type of product is separate component and make difficult to use and navigate)

- Create new Virtuemart order via Virtuemart admin panel (function that lack from core Virtuemart component and default function) which full order information
- Manage list of Virtuemart order, search and filter orders by many optional fields like: order time, order status, order ID, email of buyer, name of buyer, Invoice No… ( as you know the default order filter of Virtuemart panel is too simple and can not meet our requirement during search and filter many orders)

- Create PDF invoices IN BATCH for many orders at 1 click.
- Choose PDF invoice action base on many options: download, send email, create invoice, change / update order status, delete invoice
- Advance Invoice Template Customization (you knew there is no choice for editing Virtuemart invoice template in default Virtuemart function)

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