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One Page Checkout for VirtueMart byPV PluginExtension Specific Addon

Editor's Note
  • This extension requires registration to download.
The plugin override native One Page Checkout functionality in VirtueMart.

*** Main features ***

- Fully adjustable product list
- We have integrated our own smart solution for monitoring of changes in the case of dependencies between different parts of the cart
- Added check of product properties when customer checkouts and confirms order (In Stock, Purchase Quantity Steps, Minimum / Maximum Purchase Quantity)
- Added two-way data refresh in Product List and VirtueMart Cart Module (in side panel) if products or prices are changed
- Added Plus / Minus buttons to product quantity with own JS functionality
- Added prevention from submitting an order twice
- Added custom confirmation page (after checkout page) for summary order by customer
- Support for user registration with the activation option enabled
- Added optional static informational text for Shipment and Payment
- Fully Ajax support
- Clean and simple templates which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!
- Included separate CSS for page layouts, page themes and additional responsive layouts
- Checkout process is still configurable by settings in VirtueMart + own advanced setting in Plugin Configuration
- Full SSL Support

*** Common features and properties for all our products ***

- Product is free software licenced under the GNU/GPLv3
- Product is easy to install over Joomla! Extension Manager and works out of the box
- Fully compatible with VirtueMart internal functionality
- Support for 3rd party extensions compatible with VirtueMart
- No text hardcoded in the program code! For all texts we use own language file which can be override and customized by native way of Joomla!
- No core hacks in Joomla! or VirtueMart
- Extension is fully compatible with ALL OUR OTHER EXTENSIONS!

*** Layouts and Themes ***

- You can choose from different Layouts (positions, margins, sizes, etc.) without need of overriding templates.
- You can choose from different Themes (different colors, font styles, icons, etc.).
- We plan to prepare many layouts and themes and you can create unlimited combinations from all of our predefined variants. Try now on our DEMO Website!

*** Demo ***

We have public website for free testing of our products. For easy testing we prepared and placed DEMO PANEL with user manual and some options for customize extension directly on the DEMO Website.

Please visit our official website for more information about products and services.

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Reviews: 7
First of all a big THANK YOU to for the excellent support!

I have bought many extension, but it is one of the best. If you are Virtuemart shop owner, you clearly need a good One Page Checkout solution. There are many types, but most are too complicated, not too powerful, or/and does not work properly.

This extension is well coded, can be customized, can be expanded, works fine, powerful but easy to use. The extension performs our site's specific requirements perfectly and simply. I tried several other extension, but this have everything i need for my site.

The support is top notch, if you have problems, questions, or request a feature, they will help you very soon!

So I strongly recommend to everyone, keep up the good work!:)