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Virtuemart Reward Points ComponentModulePlugin

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  • This extension requires registration to download.
Reward Points extension manages loyalties and points in Virtuemart 2 (also available for vm1.1.x). Earn points from orders or product points and use points to discount new orders. It can also build a professional "credit points system*" fotolia-like (*optional with Credit points plugin) to pay all order instead of discounting.

Reward Points extension earn points from total order amount and/or from products custom points. Points bonuses for orders quantity, first orders, birthday period and up to 4 promotional times (with daily optional exclusion) earning ratio modification, and many other bonuses, as the optional Review Points Plugin.

The extension works in 3 modes: 1) regular (with a piggy banck where users decide to change and manages their points 2) chips from order: users earn chips instead of points and 3) "one big chip": users earn points that are converted in one big incremental chip to be used in the cart for new orders.

Two modules inside the extension: the main reward points module, to let customer to manage everything and keep tracks of the points receips, and the predicion module.

With the prediction module published on the product pages, customers are leaded to purchase! It predicts the current cart points and the product poin in the detail page, even the bonuses!

The extension restore previous points for refunded orders and has a new, robust, multi-language options for sending to customers beautiful html/plain emails, both on earning than in changing chips, with support for variables as {username} {points} and so on.

It works automatically with web-payment (as paypal, when you set the right IPN (or the silent post) provided with the instructions, they auto-switch orders from pending to confirmed and the extension store the new points and inform the customer.

The new Virtuemart Reward Points extension supports the Virtuemart Credit Points plugin, to build a complete credit points system from purchasing credits and pay with credits.

Virtuemart reward points extensions inherit itself in alpha user points if you install it. It inherits also the AUP users administration! It is compatible with AWO coupon, both free and pro version.

So it can be used alone or as a strong expansion for AlphaUserPoints.

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Reviews: 1
Simple, complete, amazing.
With only a few small extra functionality will be super-perfect.
Support is superb.
Thank you Marco.
Reviews: 1
When installing this feature I had a beast of a time making it run properly with my virtuemart template. The customer support I received was excellent and these guys literally spent days working with my site to finally fix the problem! Highly recommend this software and the support staff!
Reviews: 1
Plugin and Module .. excellent person very helpful and helped me in any configuration. The best plugin!
Reviews: 1
First I've bought VM fidelity for AlphaUserPoint It did now work, then I've bought Virtuemart Reward Points also doesn't work!!! Does not give points for registration and orders. I've tried to contact them but: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently
Owner's reply

Hi. Sorry about that! We had many server problems on the last years that we needed to change. Probably I miss some email. Re-write me. Now the email server works! Both that extensions works on thousand system without problems: we'll find on your what's happened. Really. If you want to do faster, write me on

Reviews: 2
I have purchased this module and also plugin.Never worked for me.I have Greek language.I sent at least 10 email for support and never got ANY answer.
Very dissapointed.
If there is no support module is useless...
Owner's reply

No, the extension works so good, just only sometimes something should be tuned. It's the server we are switching. Due to contract we switch on december while we have problems on email. That's all, i'm the first who want to help you. Just write me on as wrote on some reply below. Write me there and that's all! Thank you, Marco

Reviews: 1
I have purchased this extension to try it out. It works as it should be and it's easy for non-programmer. Have a few issues and email the developer for 3 times through their website and personal email but did not receive any response from support at all. Disappointed with the support from a commercial extension. There should have either been a support forum else at least a responsive support team.
Owner's reply

definitive problems on server, we are waiting end year to switch. Just email me on - i will advice on the website. Sorry for that, the extension is great, the traffic on the site is tremendous!

Reviews: 5
Very nice extension, does what it says! However, I had 2 issues and I contacted twice the developers by means of their email and contact form. I got no answer at all, quite disappointing considering all the reviews here focusing on the great support. Or maybe this happened to me only...
Owner's reply

Hi. True - unlucky - we had many troubles on moving on the current server with emails and were off for quite two weeks. Re-write us from 26 september and we'll on again. Sorry for that, don't worry, we'll be there to solve your needs.

Reviews: 2
I run two joomla sites with a lot of C,M,&P. This component is by far the best and most fun component I have used. Very easy to setup with great documentation and support. If you want to reward your customers this is very nice. I am also thinking about purchasing for my forum and giving points away for other things if I can get it to work on a non "product" site. Maybe for so many posts, or helping another member, etc. Very much worth the very reasonable cost.
Reviews: 3
This extension is very good. Exactly what I was looking for. I had no problems installing and using it. It doesn't need any customization like some others. Pretty intuitive backend. Support is also great. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
My company purchased this plugin for a clients online shopping cart. We needed a way to create a custom amount of points for a competition winner to be able to turn into coupons. Not only was this plugin perfect for what we needed, but the support I received was even better!

I needed to display the modules to show remaining points only to someone who has points and hide it from those who don't. Not only did the VMRP support team point me to the right file to edit, they even wrote the PHP code for me and showed me where to put it!

Now we have the perfect plugin for the functionality we needed. Thanks once again :D
Reviews: 2
One of my customers ordered point system for they shop and i was really excited, when i found this component here! It's working great! Didn't have any problems with installation and customization. Asked developers about few features and they promise to implement them later. Can't wait for updates!
You guys are Awesome! Great job!
Reviews: 1
This extension is great, works great. Configuration is not complicated, there's a good explanation on the site.
Support is excellent, the best that I've had a touch!
If you need a system with points, you will not be disappointed!
I definetly recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Great component does exactly what it says, great improvement to my website and excellent support team!

I totally recommend it!
Reviews: 1
Everything works as described on the website. I had issues with some configurations, but support was immediate.
Reviews: 15
This component is amazing, the design is professional and clean.

You can make a basic setting in a few minutes or play with all the rules creating a professional reward system finally for VM.

About the developer one can only say that after a few e-mails you can see he loves his work and helping customers.

We are using version 1.5 and although the big pottential is in the 2.5 version of joomla and VM 2 the old version rocks and will help you a lot with your customers.

This should be core for VM, is the only way VM can look the same level as other more modern e-commerce solutions.
Reviews: 3
I think that´s the best extensión of the works very well and it´s very simple to use...

I experienced some dificulties with the instalation of the extensión and the support team worked very quickly to solve my problem....and the did it very well...

I definetly recommend it
Reviews: 2
First time to do a review. Firstly, I must mention the support provided by Marco. I had issues on my side which prevented proper installation. Let's just say Marco sorted it and went to great lengths to explain things to me. The reward points component works a treat and will play an important part in our sales strategy. Cheers Marco!!
Reviews: 1
I got the Virtuemart Reward points and had problem to get it installed on my hosted servers, Since I am not a hard core programmer I made mistakes installing. And I asked for help, and I was blown away of their support, directly I got response, giving me advice how to fix it, and of course I did it wrong again. But then they assisted me way more than you could expect from anyone, by assisting installing it for me and even other programs that they don't even support,. THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE AND AN EXCELLENT WAY OF GETTING A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! :)



Ola J Lind
Reviews: 4
The componente works perfect, the suport is just amazing !!!
The suport behind this Componente is realy the best i ever see he answer ALL my questions show pation with me explain everything, self he take the time to access my admin to help me with some configs.
I would like to recomend all to buy this componente the price is more than just fair and for sure this is not like many other component developers who this buy and go to hell is the perfect strategie to make win.
Marco from virtuemart rewardspoints go beyond to make sure you will be happy with his componente
Congratulation for your suport and Componente for sure i will buy this also for joomla 2.5 thank you
Reviews: 3
I totally recommend this component. Working like charm ! Downloaded and installed the product with no problems. Excellent product.
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