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Virtuemart Reward Points ComponentModulePlugin

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Reward Points extension manages loyalties and points in Virtuemart 2 (also available for vm1.1.x). Earn points from orders or product points and use points to discount new orders. It can also build a professional "credit points system*" fotolia-like (*optional with Credit points plugin) to pay all order instead of discounting.

Reward Points extension earn points from total order amount and/or from products custom points. Points bonuses for orders quantity, first orders, birthday period and up to 4 promotional times (with daily optional exclusion) earning ratio modification, and many other bonuses, as the optional Review Points Plugin.

The extension works in 3 modes: 1) regular (with a piggy banck where users decide to change and manages their points 2) chips from order: users earn chips instead of points and 3) "one big chip": users earn points that are converted in one big incremental chip to be used in the cart for new orders.

Two modules inside the extension: the main reward points module, to let customer to manage everything and keep tracks of the points receips, and the predicion module.

With the prediction module published on the product pages, customers are leaded to purchase! It predicts the current cart points and the product poin in the detail page, even the bonuses!

The extension restore previous points for refunded orders and has a new, robust, multi-language options for sending to customers beautiful html/plain emails, both on earning than in changing chips, with support for variables as {username} {points} and so on.

It works automatically with web-payment (as paypal, when you set the right IPN (or the silent post) provided with the instructions, they auto-switch orders from pending to confirmed and the extension store the new points and inform the customer.

The new Virtuemart Reward Points extension supports the Virtuemart Credit Points plugin, to build a complete credit points system from purchasing credits and pay with credits.

Virtuemart reward points extensions inherit itself in alpha user points if you install it. It inherits also the AUP users administration! It is compatible with AWO coupon, both free and pro version.

So it can be used alone or as a strong expansion for AlphaUserPoints.

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Reviews: 1
I downloaded this yesterday and came across a little hiccup. I sent an e-mail and was very pleased that within hours...on a SUNDAY...I got multiple responses from the developer/support team. He took his time and was very diligent with getting it resolved. I was up and running in NO TIME!! It looks and works GREAT!! My customers are excited about it and already seem to enjoy it :-)
Reviews: 1
All I can say is "AWESOME", A very useful extension with great developers, I have problem upon installation and the developer told me that it was the first time for that kind of issue so I gave them a full access of a mirrored site development, It only takes almost 48Hrs. and they send me an updated version of the components also explained to me what is the issue really about.

It was fun and great opportunity to work with these kinds of developers very professional... keep it up guys! Job Well Done!
Reviews: 2
Worth every cent!
Downloaded and installed the product with no problems. When I had an Issue on design and layout and functionality, he got back to me very quickly with clear instructions on how to solve the problem - and when I could not get the issue resolved myself he logged in and did it for me - and super quick to! Seriously, he replied within minutes to every email and sometimes I thought he does not sleep!
Reviews: 7
This extension is a must have if you want to build up loyality in your customers, and wanna speep up your sales.

Not just the extension is working perfectly, but also you have a lot of option to set when and how much points you wanna give to your users. Also it is supporting AwoCoupon!

If you get any problems with setting up, developers answers really fast (for me usually in a few hours).

For such a small amount of money it worth it, your users will love this extension's possibilities!

What else you wanna wish? The developers are takeing care of you, if you have some small new feature ideas, they really take it up on their list.

Thanks again guys!
Reviews: 7
bought this for our e-store using Vm 1.1.9 and Joomla 1.5.25 Quickly discovered that I couldn't step the points by age, that is, cause individually earned points to expire 6 months after earning, only all points for my version of Joomla and VM. Developer promptly refunded my purchase and then a few hours later contacted me to let me know he had discovered a way to do it. I immediately repurchased and it works flawlessly. It isn't a hack, it doesn't require custom code, it takes all of 10 minutes to set up and it works great! This is driving repeat business to our site and has replaced a time consuming manually administered customer rewards program. I even give new users a couple of points to use on their first purchase to drive business. Highly recommend this extension and the developer.
Reviews: 1
Love this extension. I made a page to inform customers about the reward program and how to use the chips. This is now the #1 page in analytics. Never had two orders from the same customers, really satisfied, low price and great support. Five starts!!
Reviews: 1
Downloaded and installed the product with no problems. When I had a query on design and layout, they got back to very quickly with clear instructions o how to solve the problem.
Reviews: 1
I asked seller about the product before buy it and received very good explanation about Virtuemart Reward Points product. I like everything about this product especially the graphic. At first i have problem to make it suit my need but seller replied all my email and gave solution to my question. Now everything work as told and i fully recommend this product for Virtuemart store owner.
Owner's reply

Great experience for us too! You are the first Customer to setup a real, complete "credit points" system to buy credit points and buying with credit points - we didn't realize that - AHAH ;-) Thank you so much Budak, very cool site!

Reviews: 1
I am been using Joomla for a couple of years, and this is my first review that I had written. First downloading and setup was easy, but I had a problem with the points not directing over to the users account after purchasing. Emailed them and that same day, had a response. I had to give them a temp super admin to figure out the problem, but only after a short time, they had it fixed and working great. I cant say enought. Well worth the money!!!
Reviews: 6
I totally recommend this component, no headache, it do what is says.
The support from the programmer is superb.
Five Stars.
Reviews: 5
I bought this extension because it looked very promising and fun for my customers. I was amazed however that the combination with AlphaUserPoints gave me a LOT more options than i thought i would get.

I had a few difficulties with getting the component working but that was due to not setting up the component properly (my mistake). The developers replied promptly to my emails and got everything up and running for me in no time. The level of service so far has been outstanding to say the least.

I would suggest this extension for every store (i installed it on my vM2 store)
Reviews: 1
worth much more than its price. now works perfectly with vm email manager and with the multi threshold for earning I can double points for my customer over 200$. Better than the opencart commercial extension I'm using on my personal site. Thinking to migrate in Virtuemart, who would have thought!!
Reviews: 1
I've been looking for something like this for a long time, if you have a Virtuemart store you should try this.
Reviews: 1
I suggest this extension to everybody, it gives virtuemart what virtuemart missed: simple ...loyalties. But it's more, not only from order amount as other shopping solution, but real more. Minimum, maximum, bonus for global shop order numbers (as itunes does) and I love the rule for random bonus points each order. Developer promised me he will integrate a slot-machine for a double-bonus on points earned each order. A dream!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks all of you men. Without your ...mental aperture, we wouldn't able to do all these test! Great, thanks to you all. I never imagined a "collaboration" like that. I promise this extension will grow because - thanks to you - we collected so many data and requests for the best rewards points for virtuemart. Thanks.

Reviews: 1
FINALLY!!!!! it just missed on virtuemart. A note for developer, I ask him how to customize the coupon, and in the morning I found a complete customized css in the email. I do like the possibility of excluding a payment method for earning points, this lets to boost paypal and exclude the others, finally. In my early test, customers reactions is also very good. Great extension.
Reviews: 3
I had some issues with the install due to the components i had installed was comflicting. I sent them an email before i went to bed by morning i got a response and in a few hours they logged in my account debugged and fixed the issues. Component is exactly what i needed and works as stated.
Reviews: 2
The component does exactly what it says and the support you get from the programmer is outstanding!! I totally recommend it!
Reviews: 2
Works out of the box. Coupon works exactly as it says, with really simple setup.
I totally recommend it.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for something like that for years, earning points from order total. The simplest promotional system (and the most profitable) i don't know why was missing in virtuemart. I thought to migrate in opencart until this rewards point extension, and purchased both versions. Equal power, same settings to setup a reward point "in 5 minutes" as developer says. The only difference in virtuemart 2 emails are managed in alphauserpoints rules, while in the virtuemart 1 emails are managed in the plugin and the component. I like more in vm2, but great work on vm1.1.9!! Excellent support team, strongly suggest to everyone.
Reviews: 1
I strongly suggest virtuemart rewards points to everyone needs promotions that really work. The support team helped me to realize some pictures for coupon background with my web colors, and I was able to customize it in my css. I purchased the version for virtuemart 1.1 and having some problems with uploading. I gave the ftp account to the support team, they changed my plugin folder permission and the installation was perfect. In five minutes I setup the loyalties from total order and the points to money page (this cames with really cool coupon background!!) with my coupon picture. They also helped me to templetize the points activity page and the contacts, even if i guess it is not their mission, they gave me their css. Lovely people! I'm near to upgrade to virtuemart 2 and I love to know this extensions is available, it's my new must-have promotion system!
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