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Credit Points for Virtuemart Reward Points PluginExtension Specific Addon

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Credit points is a payment plugin for Virtuemart 2.

NEW UPDATE 2.0 now the system asks to the user when he tries to purchase both credits and products in the same order, and clean automatically the cart from credits or products - based on user choice. It's now finally perfect, a virtuemart plugin to build a fotolia-like webstore.

The Credit Points plugin uses the Virtuemart Reward Points as user points manager to build a professional credit points system in joomla 1.7/2.5 and VM2.x. It is also compatible with alpha user points (and so with jomSocial points).

The extension lets you to buy credits points using paypal, credit cards, neteller, and any other virtuemart payment method! and to pay with points (credits) the products in your store!

When users buy credits, they will use any other payment method than credits, when users purchase products, they will use only credits payment!

You have only to publish a "Credit pack product" (a vm product that uses "credit points" custom field, installed by the plugin). All regular products without this custom fields will be purchasing only with credits, while the "credit produt" is purchasing only with the other "regular" payment methods you builded.

Customers can earn other credits by using rules set on the Virtuemart Reward Points (or Alpha User Points, optional) so the credits can also earn reward points!

Just one ecommerce manager (Virtuemart). Just one cart (the Virtuemart one) to purchase both, credits and products, and an intelligent "auto-switching" payment methods.

Being a part of VIrtuemart Reward Points Extension, it is compatible with AlphaUserPoints and alpha points.

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Reviews: 1
This is my second extension from anteprimasas. I purchased their reward points for virtuemart, then I asked them how to setup a credit system like fotolia and they developed this one! It is different from a pay with points payment, it splits the webstore in two parts: 'special' products to buy credits and products to be purchased with credits - using the same virtuemart cart and the same virtuemart payment system. I sell social music libraries, users upload their music and customers purchase with credits - and they can purchase credits from stocks of 50 credits each time. This is quite usual when you sell services, images, mp3s, videos, even coupons. This extension seems to be perfect for that.
Reviews: 1
I am the first to review? Well, five stars for this extension. I just didn't believe! Being a customer of them and having a chip of 3 to buy, I purchased, installed and ..when I see just my payment methods except for points available to buy credits and just credits to purchase the images of my store I realize I have the same system of istock photo: just some settings to do and it's ready. They are the master of points!!!!