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OSE Google Wallet for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

With this Google Wallet (Previously Google Checkout) module, you can process your order payment like the way you use Paypal, but you can save a lot of your transaction fees and gain customers' trust, simply because customers trust Google!

* After you buy the software, you can use it on Unlimited websites FOREVER (INDEFINITELY)
* You can download all upgrades within 1 year.
* You can receive our support within 1 year.


Licence: GPL V2 - Meaning that you have 100% FREEDOM TO USE IT and can install it into UNLIMITED websites FOREVER! No More License Restrictions! No more IONCUBE!

2.0.0 - 2.1.0
* Enhancement - updated the plugin codes to make it work on VirtueMart version 2.0.2

2.0 beta - Support Joomla 1.7 and VM 2.0
1.6 Added a Google Checkout logo plugin, which shows google checkout along the checkout procedure; update the extra info to fix the recently UK country code changes in Google Checkout
1.5 Update IPN function to use Google Checkout 2.5 API
1.4 Add automatic redirection function to Google Checkout
1.3 Improve Checkout items and fix the coupon code issues
1.2 Added the Fast Checkout button plugin, allowing users to show their checkout button before they select a shipping method.

1.1 Features

1. Easy installation: with our updater component, the installation of this module in VirtueMart is easy!

2. Works like the default Virtuemart Paypal module, where user can process the payment through Google checkout when they arrive at the checkout point.

3. Ideal for users who are looking for safe payment method and low transaction fees.

4. Instant Payment Notification - Level 2 Google Checkout Integration is in beta testing stage (released in the support forum).

5. Works for both Joomla 1.0 and Joomla 1.5

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Reviews: 1
I, like others, was apprehensive about buying this plugin. WHen I was running VM 1.x, I purchased a similiar plugin from another company. The experience was terrible, especially the customer service.
Now, running VM 2.x, I decided to give OSE a try. No regrets! Although I did have an issue involving a SSL error, the team at OSE set things correct in a timely manner.
Big Kudos to OSE, especially Shawn (support team member) and Lucas (developer). I recommend this plugin and the team behind it.

Reviews: 1
How often can you say that! I decided to go for the support option when I bought the software and it was worth the little extra I paid. I hadn't setup Google Checkout with Virtuemart before, and had a few questions I needed answers to, support was by email but was prompt and very helpful they went the extra mile to sort me out.
Reviews: 1
I gave this product a shot and am very happy. Installation was a piece of cake, explained very well. I ran into some minor issues caused by my theme. I contact customer support and they were very fast and friendly and found the cause of my problem and fixed it in no time. If you want to intergrade google checkout with your site, OSEGC is worth every penny.
Reviews: 6
I was very nervous about buying this and setting it up. My worry was unnecessary, though, because it was so easy. I'm using Google Checkout as my only payment option and did not want to use the fast checkout. The demo does not show this circumstance so I emailed the OSE support team and had an answer within hours. I followed the very short directions and it worked without any troubles at all. Very nice product. Thank you OSE.
Reviews: 2
I normally don’t write reviews. I have used this extension for the past 9 months without any problem. Until recently, I think there was a change with how Google handle payment so the extension was not working as it should be. This is not the developer fault. I contacted the developer about the issue and he released the latest update within a day and everything is working like a charm now. With such a speedy support, this extension is highly recommended, no doubts.

Ohh by the way, this extension is easy to install in 2 modes, manual or automatic, either way, it works just fine for me and the extension is fully documented, great stuff. Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 5
I had a couple of issues with the install and configuration. It was MY mistake though. I contacted customer support for help and what I got was extremely prompt, helpful, courteous assistance that was great! The professionalism that the support staff at OSE showed is the example all companies should try to emulate.

As others have said they will actually help you fix the problem that you have! And do so with a smile on their face. I wish all Joomla extensions had this kind of support and professionalism! It was great and is now working perfectly!

Thank you!
Reviews: 2
I had to use the manual install because the quick installer was not working. They had installation instructions clearly written on their webpage and even told you how to setup the google configs as well. Whole process took me about 10 mins.

Great plug, great support. Need more modules like this one!!!
Reviews: 1
OSE? The best! A great company to work with. The Google Checkout allowed me to link in a way I had only hoped possible. Helix made it happen. I am so grateful. Thanks. 100%+ recommendation. Sparky
Reviews: 1
Helix, of OSE fame, has helped me with numerous introductory questions and a few more in depth problems over the last couple weeks. Their service is prompt and to the point. I highly recommend these guys!!
Reviews: 2
Great product with even better support - the team reacted immediately without question and made two enhancements on the spot. highly recommended
Reviews: 1
The extension is perfect! Very easy to handle from installation to administration. And the support team is always standby for help. Thanks Helix

EXCELLENT!! Just Excellent!. FULL STOP
Reviews: 1
i bought it couple weeks ago, but my store sells stuff in euros and i live in uk, so there were problems with converting currency from euro to british pound. however, technical support of ose done perfect job. i appreciate professinal and friendly attitude. recommended!
Reviews: 5
Having just been asked to find a solution for Google Checkout in order to remove paypal I found this little beauty. For the money it really is a good option for those looking for a simple process of install, add merchant details and untick a box in Google - perfect!

All working on my site within minutes and payments coming in.. nice one
Reviews: 2
Module works great,
we had some issues with the SSL certificate and the support team helped us a to solve it.

Great extension + great support.

Thanks for that.
Reviews: 1
This module is absolutely great!

We purchased & used some other module before this and it failed miserably! OSE Google Checkout for VirtueMart is the only answer.~ Amazing product with a most exceptional support.~
Reviews: 1
The extension is perfect! The implementation process is very fast and the support team always helps.
Reviews: 1
Very good extension that does the job intended and superb courteous support for thickos like me. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 1
The team went above and beyond to help me install and configure this product. It does everything that it claims and performs flawlessly. Thank you again for your help.
Reviews: 1
I admit to have used many plugins and modules, but this is the first time that I am writing a review; simply because of the unbelievable support and assistance provided by Helix.

If you need to interface with Google Checkout, this is a great product with first class support.
Reviews: 54
EXCELLENT!! Just Excellent! You don't know how happy we are using this Google Checkout module for Virtuemart. We had purchased another one from a different company and we had nothing but trouble after trouble and totally slack service.

So we found this Open Source VirtueMart Google Checkout LUCKILY!!

All I have for this is absolute praise. I'm over the moon because the install and setup went so easy, a baby could do it. No Glitches or Bugs!, No Code Hacks! No Messing with your Database! This module is just totally perfect and so easy to install and setup!

I had this installed and running within 5 minutes. It install just like any component in your Joomla backend. Its just too easy! The instructions are amazingly clear made for real people, not coders!

But the BEST part of all was Helix from Open Source Excellence. We sent him an initial inquiry and got a reply within 3 hours. we bought the module and he was always there to assist us round the clock if we ever had any problems.

Now that's what I call Service! And you can use this on unlimited sites, you are not restricted to license issues like 1 license per site or anything like that and not to mention having to bang your head with invalid license notices all the time which other sellers have.

Once again, Nothing but praise!! If you want Google Checkout on your Virtuemart.
Buy this module from Open Source Excellence and you will have a very happy day indeed!

Thank you
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