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Product Builder for Virtuemart Component

The user could build his own kit, selecting various products from predefined product groups.
A good example is a computer or a bike which consists of different parts that the user has to select.

# Features #

• Groups of products could be created either connecting a group with an existing category of Virtuemart or selecting manually the products of that group.
• Compatibility check functionality in order the user to select only compatible products. This functionality is based on tags between products.
• Division of the products selection process into steps (pages)
• Predefined product bundles could be created from the backend and added to cart with 1 click.
• A group could have a predefined default product selected as suggestion.
• Works also with products having custom fields and child products.
• Overlay effect for displaying the final products that could be represented as sets of layers. A good example is a t-shirt with a stamp which consist of the t-shirt and the stamp.
• Everything in one screen. Select products, view the details of the selected product , select attributes if any and add to Cart. All these in one screen using AJAX functionality.
• Backend configuration of the display style using tools such as color palettes. This eliminates the need to edit and write css code.

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Reviews: 1
very good component which works very good in the virtuemart enviroment. you can make your own predefined multiple configurations of for instance pc parts, and you only have to alter the price once in virtuemart. had some hickups with the installation. looks like a conflict with "Onepage checkout". I disabled Onepage for the moment. needs a virtuamart hack to function properly (provided for free). currently looking for a way to group similar products together in smaller group for a more attractive presentation of long product lists.
Reviews: 1
Extension works perfectly and the support is excellent. They helped me very fast with everything. The image overlay is awesome to display a product directly when customizing.

This was exactly what i needed.
Reviews: 1
A great extension for virtuemart. At first I had some problems with the IE but: Great support !!
We solved the problem in a few minutes. And now it works very well.
Reviews: 1
I had a problem in setting up Product Builder. I asked for help, and they went all the way in helping me by checking my backend in Joomla and correcting a mistake i had made.
Great ! Thanks.
Reviews: 1
We use this at IC Shop and have to admit that though it's first of this kind of extension for Virtuemart it's still quite good. It could be better though. We would like to see more flexibility with the CSS so that the extension could be fitted better in pages that are often quite different. Maybe options where to place the display photo? (Left, right, top or bottom.) For now the 3 options are enough but we are eagerly awaiting more from the future versions of this extension. -SAM
Owner's reply

Thanks for the feedback.
We will take into consideration your suggestions and also i want to say that we are working day by day to add new features and make it better

Reviews: 1
This is really a great extension for e-shops that selling multiple products which could be combined. The support is also good
Reviews: 1
Provides a much required addition to Virtuemart. Allowing you to bundle existing products together and maintain stock/item information is important for many stores and this module performed above expectations.
Easily installable and controlled, the owners were also very helpful and responsive to our extra needs, even going beyond the specs to help with some special requirements. I cant regard this product more highly.
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