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Virtuemart - Flexible Product Slider Module

NOW! Supports Virtuemart 2.0.10.

The Extension is working with both VIRTUEMART v1.1.X and VIRTUEMART 2.0.x

Virtuemart - Flexible Product Slider, lets you show your virtuemart products in a fancy slider. Module comes with 4 different Slider Themes and several customizable features



Features includes:

-Choosable 4 different Slider Themes (3 Horizontals and 1 Vertical)
-Customizable module width and height
-Customizable thumbnail width and height
-Choose whether thumbnails are Resize or Cropped
-Show only specific categories
-Show only "on special" items for selected category(s)
-Enable/Disable Auto-Scroll
-Enable/Disable Fancy Reflection Effect under the thumbnails
-Alter maximum products to be displayed
-Alter Scroll Speed in milliseconds
-Enable/Disable to be shown Product Title
-Enable/Disable to be shown Product Description
-Enable/Disable to be shown Product Prices
-Enable/Disable to be shown [Product Details..] link
-Change [Product Details..] link text into your own language
-Specify maximum text length for Title and Description
-Able to use multiple modules in a single page

* Items ordered by Date. It is good to use this module for NEW ARRIVALS or ON SPECIALS

TESTED on Virtuemart 1.1.7 and Joomla 1.5.x

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you can't make this module works because of JavaScript Compatibility, before posting anywhere bad feed-back, please try to contact with us. We will try to figure out your individual problem, even if we can't solve it, you will get %100 refund. Reporting any JavaScript issues doesn't require purchasing + Support option.

IMPORTANT NOTICE 2: This is a extension Module designed for Virtuemart. You CANT use it by itself. You have to have Virtuemart Ecommerce Software installed first. .

IMPORTANT NOTICE 3: Reflection effect use reflection.js which is located at /libs/js folder inside the module to create reflection effect, You have to change this Js based on MooTools version of your website. If you are using MooTools 1.1,1 the existing Js is Okay. If you are using MooTools 1.2 download this and replaced the Reflection.js with yours. If you use any newer version of MooTools you can try this Reflection.js. Please don't contact us to ask support for Reflection effect, there is a Disable option in module configuration in case you can't make it work.

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Reviews: 2
After trying a lot of java and motools based sliders, i got this ext. Easy to install and to setup, no conflict at all, i got everyting in place in 10 min. With no problem at all, i can not rate support simply becouse you do not need it. I rarely write review so from my point of view this rate double value.
Good job
Reviews: 1
This is one of the best product sliders to virtuemart I have found. It can also be customized and what I liked is the company's support. They answered my questions immediately and I needed some changes in the module, and they made that without extra charges.

I can only recommend it.