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Cherry Picker for Virtuemart Module

Cherry Picker will allow your visitors to filter products by any parameters, just like


Advantages of Cherry Picker (CP):

1. CP supports both: Product Types (VM1.1) and Custom Fields (VM2);

2. Optimized and polished search algorithms provide you best performance out there. You can search tens of thousands of products and still have low loads on your database!

3. CP comes with a variety of beautiful layouts:
     • Simple List - regular list of filters;
     • Checkbox List - you can select multiple filters with checkboxes and apply all with one click;
     • Dropdown List - HTML-stylized list;
     • Simple Dropdown List - provides an opportunity to search in Progressive Mode -- where you select filters one-by-one.

4. Color filters can be represented as actual color boxes;

5. Select ranges of filters (e.g. RAM from 4GB to 8GB):    ——[]———[]—

6. CP has beautiful URLs (which Google will love). For example:

7. Update results with Ajax AND update Browser URL address, which means your visitors can bookmark results and return to the very same page;

8. Cherry Picker comes bundled with VM Breadz — a breadcrubms module that apart from categories also includes applied Filters, Manufacturers, Search keywords in its path!

9. And final but not least, if you want advanced experience, yo can use Fast Seller — a dedicated component with which you'll be able to manage filters super easily and super fast (which default VM interface cannot provide).

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Reviews: 1

I would just like to say that this module is the best. I did search filter with 60.000 rows for one category and it works great. I want to say that I did it with help of Galt team. They offered me a lot of help, and answered on all my questions. They helped me to modify module to work even faster. They are realy profesionalls and I recomend them and their module to everybody. It was very nice to work with them. Galt team, realy thank for everything, for your great module and for all help.

BY, Zoran
Reviews: 2
I'm very happy with the extension. The strongest points for me were:

* intuitive interface both for the customer and as well for the shop owner (using fast seller)
* filters can be translated and hence it works for any multilanguage shop
* helpful and quick support via galt
* Thanks for great support!!!
Reviews: 1
I'm very happy with the extension. The strongest points for me were:

* very intuitive interface both for the customer and as well for the shop owner (using fast seller)
* fairly fast even in categories that hold several hundred products (using product types version)
* filters can be translated and hence it works for any multilanguage shop
* helpful and quick support via galt
Reviews: 1
We purchased Fast Seller to use with VM 2.0.3. At first we couldn’t get the filters to work. Mask was a great support to us. We believed that it was Fast Seller problem, but after investigation we realized that it was our VM. Despite that Maks helped us to correct the problem and it works perfectly now. It took us literally minutes to set up the filters with Fast Seller (we have around 50 products). Great tool, excellent support! Thank you! Alexei
Reviews: 2
The plugin works like a charm. I needed support on Saturday morning and I get the answer in less than 15 minutes. Great support!!! Thank you Maks.
Reviews: 1
There can be no WebShop exist without good filters. Despite the large number of product and filter records, Cherry Picker is incredibly well and fast. Very easy to configure and style. After that the site visitor can use the most intuitive and intelligent filtering.
A very valuable VM 2.0 extension. Filter easily by using the default CF fields of VM.
Great support despite time zone difference.
Reviews: 1
The most valuable extension to my VM 1.1 I have met.
Easy to install, easy to config, easy to use.
The dev responded my email within a few hours, that is also a big thumb up.
Reviews: 1
I'm a web developer and one of my customer's wanted this and purchased it.

I spent hours trying to fuigure out WHY this didn't work.. and I send him an email. Turns out mu customer bought the wrong thing extension.. which needed more extensions at an addtional costs to work.

After having to spend HOURS to get this working I asked him to make this right. He didn't.

Sadly the software may be awesome.
I can certainly understand wanting to make a profit. But the customer support was HORRID. But well if there a problem with the people behind it. I cannot reccommend it.

I went ahead and went with another custom filter extension.
Owner's reply

Kind of funny situation here: the reviewer didn't think of time zones. And while there was a night time he considered the delay in reply as a "negative answer".

Let's keep that in mind.

Reviews: 1
This is the best module for the virtuemart. Simple to install - simple in use.
Reviews: 4
I just can't think of a decent VM e-shop without filters. And for filters there's nothing like Cherry Picker. It is unbelievable how well (and fast!) it does its job without having to think of it all the time - you just set it once and forget about it. And still you have the most intelligent, intuitive and flexible filtering to offer to your customers.
First class support by Maks. Many thanks, this is one of the greatest extensions I've ever used.
Reviews: 1
Excellent support! Maks, was always there when we needed help or minor corrections. This extension worths every penny of it's price. We are very happy we chose this extension.
Reviews: 5
Hands Down! The best, most useful extension I've ever used. Cherry Picker let me set up my Virteumart site with a search like or New Egg. The author delivers on his promises.
The extension, when used with FastSeller component is even more impressive. I set up a 3,000 item store in a fraction of the time I would have if I hadn't had these components.
Tech support is fast and free.
Don't tell the guys , but I would have paid twice as much for these components!
Reviews: 1
Maybe the most useful module I've used.
Εxcellent service from Maks. THANK'S!!!
Reviews: 1
Maybe the best module!!!
If you want a professional shop, without the Cherry Picker you would not have. Excellent service from Maks.
Reviews: 2
VirtueMart without Cherry Picker as
library without books.
good support
worth every penny.
Good Job.
Reviews: 1
I'm user of CP extension and for me this is the Best Ever Filtering tool for Virtuemart, it does what i need and the Support by e-mail is excellent too.
What can i say more about the Cherry Picker to undecided people?
Just try yourself, it's Fabulous.. Fantastic.. Wonderful.. Amazing.. :)

Best Regards to all from a Portuguese user!
Reviews: 1
Bought cherry picker to enable my customers easy access to a filtering tool. Because my opening web page was not a virtuemart page, had some difficulty with the page lay-out, combined with cherry picker. Contacted the developer for help and got quick response and advice. A little alteration in the code was needed to work with my page set-up. Great tool, great support.
Reviews: 1
I got a wonderful the module who decided half of my problems, and through support for Max helped me with the second specific task! Thank you very much, nice to have it!
Reviews: 1
Bought this product with the expectation it would work. Later understood if you have virtuemart 2 you need fast seller. Went ahead and bought fast seller. Created filters in Fast Seller and Cherry picker recognized the filters however it didn't filter the content. Also only could get the module to display on one page.

The response from the vendor for the most part was quick, however the issue was never resolved as the help was poor at best.

In the end I had to drop the product and find another vendor. To many problems and doesn't perform as advertised with VM2 and joomla 2.5.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment.

Sad that you're frustrated though, especially that you were 99% complete.

Please note, that there is a Readme file that guides you for one little edit that you need to make (but surely, no one reads Readmes))

This is because with VM2 we're using minimalistic URLs for filters:

and Virtuemart needs to "know" how to interpret those.

As for overall compatibility with Virtuemart 2, we have it stressed in red, but it's not enough, so I take a chance to say it again here -- VM2 has abandoned filter support, and how to overcome this explained in here:

And lastly, we never seize customer support until he is satisfied. You probably were shy to contact us for more explanations. I encourage you to do this now and experience ChP's filtering capabilities)

Reviews: 4
If you are building or administrating a Virtuemart store with more that 10 products ( i jest) there are a few extensions that are mandatory to your store's scalability and success. Cherry Picker is definitely on of the mandatory extensions!

This module is very well designed, has amazing support and, best of all, has an optional Administration piece of software (FastSeller - same developer, don't hesitate- buy it also!) that really makes managing a large store soooooooo much easier.

We are running Virtuemart with 30,000 + products and without Cherry Picker/FastSeller adding filters to our store would be a nightmare. Now it is a dream! Thanks Maks.
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