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Cherry Picker for Virtuemart Module

Cherry Picker will allow your visitors to filter products by any parameters, just like


Advantages of Cherry Picker (CP):

1. CP supports both: Product Types (VM1.1) and Custom Fields (VM2);

2. Optimized and polished search algorithms provide you best performance out there. You can search tens of thousands of products and still have low loads on your database!

3. CP comes with a variety of beautiful layouts:
     • Simple List - regular list of filters;
     • Checkbox List - you can select multiple filters with checkboxes and apply all with one click;
     • Dropdown List - HTML-stylized list;
     • Simple Dropdown List - provides an opportunity to search in Progressive Mode -- where you select filters one-by-one.

4. Color filters can be represented as actual color boxes;

5. Select ranges of filters (e.g. RAM from 4GB to 8GB):    ——[]———[]—

6. CP has beautiful URLs (which Google will love). For example:

7. Update results with Ajax AND update Browser URL address, which means your visitors can bookmark results and return to the very same page;

8. Cherry Picker comes bundled with VM Breadz — a breadcrubms module that apart from categories also includes applied Filters, Manufacturers, Search keywords in its path!

9. And final but not least, if you want advanced experience, yo can use Fast Seller — a dedicated component with which you'll be able to manage filters super easily and super fast (which default VM interface cannot provide).

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Reviews: 1
This module is FANTASTIC, easy to install, and also does exactly as described above by its programmer.
Before using Cherry Picker, I tried all kind of Search Filters for VirtueMart, either free or commercial ones. Believe me, this is 'the only one' ideal for VirtueMart. It is SUPERLATIVE!!! What's even GREATER, is the assistance provided, fast and reliable. Customer Care EXCELLENT!!! 5 STARS!!! Certainly recommended for all VirtueMart users.
Reviews: 2
This is one of the best modules I've used and the support is first class. Install and you get most of the functionality, to get the full functionality you have to make a few tweaks to virtuemart but the instructions are very clear. It's allowing me to use virtuemart in a way that I didn't think was possible.
A must for anyone with a large catalogue that needs the ability to filter
Reviews: 2
I would recommend this for anyone,
i have contacted support a few times,
and everytime i get a reply within hours, and always answers to all my questions!
Reviews: 1
Best and fastest support ever. Best extension! You'll never find a better one for your VM!!!
Strongly recommend. Must have!
Reviews: 15
A must have for every e-shop!
Easy to setup and configure, even on an old e-shop that holds thousands of products.
However even the best extension is nothing without support. And the support of this extension is excellent, immediate, direct, friendly and professional!
It's one of the very few I am totally satisfied with.
Congratulations for a job well done!
Reviews: 2
too good, exactly what i wanted, support.. deamn the best one ive have now.. really good thanks, and buy it you wont regreat it :)
Reviews: 2
I was already impressed with the module before obtaining it. When I finally got it, it worked like a charm. When we needed to make a few adjustments to make it work on multiple levels, Maks helped us work out the kinks and modified CherryPicker to our needs. Very responsive, respectful and kind. A well earned donation in my book. If you are thinking about this module for your site, get won't be sorry.
Reviews: 2
Amazing extension. Outstanding customer service. Must have for any VM shop.
Reviews: 1
Cherry picker along with the VM Breadz module is simply awesome, great and it has a lot of options in the backend. It works, it's simple to use and you can customize it to fit your needs easily through the css files. And if you want to modify the layout you have to know some php basics, but really basics and if you don't, like in my case there is a patient man who will answer you within 10 minutes, and help you to achieve, modify, change or whatever you want the module.

So once again, i'm delighted with both, the product itself and the support from the autor.

Thumb's up
Great work!

Greetings from Boris, Croatia.

P.S. for those who are skeptic about purchasing online(a lot of them in my country) there were absolutely no problems, everything was fine.

P.P.S. For it's functionality, greatness and looks, the price is a bargain.
Reviews: 1
This module is awesome. It's easy to install and use. It works like clock. Support is also very nice, i've got an answer to my question in 5 minutes.

Что особенно приятно, техподдержка возможна и на русском! :) Спасибо, Максим!
Reviews: 1
Great stuf for a nice price, but the service is amazing, never expected but so fast responding and even modifying my database and other things to get this to work! One thing, i think it isnt sh404sef friendly isn't it?

Thanks to the developer!
Reviews: 3
I was looking for months for such a great extensions. Got some problems installing it - my fault - but Maks offered fast and great assistance.
Thank you once again!
Reviews: 7
I really appreciate the module in every aspect, as demoed. But what really amazes me is the after sales support. I didn't expect to receive a response from the author in less than an hour (since most tickets gets resolved in many websites in 24 to 72 hours, which is also acceptable).

Anyway, about the module. It works as you can see in the website, and it really does improves over time (which I really dont expect for a really great product at start). This helps my buyers to pick what they really wanted. Fast and very straight forward. 2 thumbs up for the developer!
Reviews: 1
What a nice work Maks! Thanks you support. It was better, than what you could ever thinking!

Now I just have some more work to do with product, but with Maks help everything looks superb!

Really worth of money!
Reviews: 1

OK, the product is amazing, but whats better is the support. I have a tires & wheels website which is a bit more difficult than most stores, and they helped me all the way.

The product is worth it, and for around $25? Thats nothing for what it does, I mean think about, your website will revolve around this search filter. There is a reason this type of filter is used by Amazon, Bestbuy, Newegg. and I guarantee you they paid a lot more than $25 lol
Reviews: 4
Installed in our shop and it works very well.
The developer helped me to figure something out and also provided some code customization for my need.

Thanks Maks!

I highly recommend this!
Reviews: 5
Very easy to install, and worked straight off the bat no problem.

We never bothered to setup product types and parameters before.... so a lot of work needing done to get everything working. But after testing it initially - it all looks and works great !!!!!

Nice job well done :)
Reviews: 2
This is very important module in my e-shop.
I recieve technical support quickly, as I need.
Reviews: 2
Cherry Picker for Virtuemart is a great extension, works just fine.

The support is great. They even support changes to virtuemart to put the module to work in product browse page.

Great job, great extension to help filter products in categories

If you are looking to a solution to filter products in virtuemart, you must have this one
Reviews: 1
Using this extension for over an year now and still very satisfied with it. Very handy for my customers.
Developer gives excellent support, most questions answered within ours and always looking for an individual solution if the standard one does not fit you.
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