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Cherry Picker for Virtuemart Module

Cherry Picker will allow your visitors to filter products by any parameters, just like


Advantages of Cherry Picker (CP):

1. CP supports both: Product Types (VM1.1) and Custom Fields (VM2);

2. Optimized and polished search algorithms provide you best performance out there. You can search tens of thousands of products and still have low loads on your database!

3. CP comes with a variety of beautiful layouts:
     • Simple List - regular list of filters;
     • Checkbox List - you can select multiple filters with checkboxes and apply all with one click;
     • Dropdown List - HTML-stylized list;
     • Simple Dropdown List - provides an opportunity to search in Progressive Mode -- where you select filters one-by-one.

4. Color filters can be represented as actual color boxes;

5. Select ranges of filters (e.g. RAM from 4GB to 8GB):    ——[]———[]—

6. CP has beautiful URLs (which Google will love). For example:

7. Update results with Ajax AND update Browser URL address, which means your visitors can bookmark results and return to the very same page;

8. Cherry Picker comes bundled with VM Breadz — a breadcrubms module that apart from categories also includes applied Filters, Manufacturers, Search keywords in its path!

9. And final but not least, if you want advanced experience, yo can use Fast Seller — a dedicated component with which you'll be able to manage filters super easily and super fast (which default VM interface cannot provide).

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Reviews: 1
Amazing extension. Every virtuemart owner must have this module! Superb support. Price for this great extension is only a drop in the sea. Thanks Maks!
Reviews: 6
a must have for any virtuemart site and the developer is very helpful and the instructions are very clear, cheers for all your help maks
Reviews: 1
Perfect extension with perfect support and perfect price. I had an issue with my template and they even fixed that. Very good extension. I recomend it 100%.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install and a great extension to VM. I needed some modifications and was amazed about the brilliant support from the developer. Now I can filter over all categories. Thanks a lot.
Reviews: 13
Not only does this module open up a whole new world of filtering to VirtueMart, but the customer service of this company is outstanding. We realized that product types aren't searchable in the standard vmart search field and Maks modified the vmart search plugin to include product type fields, so now we have both the filter AND the search working (not sure if this puts stress on the database, but we're running a VPS so its not a problem for us).

If you're running a virtuemart store and you want more than just a generic search function, cherry picker is the way to go.
Reviews: 2
Excellent support. Really impressive.
Very good and useful module.
Reviews: 1
The standard feature on this extension is very good. After using it, I realize that I need to create multiple language site using Joomfish. I ran into some issues that I need to customize something. I got help from support team and they help me fixing problem very quickly. Now, I can fix my problem and I can continue with my project. Excellent support and good value for money. I recommend everyone to use it.
Reviews: 1
This extension should be placed at every eshop!!

I am COMPLETELY SATISFIED with both the extension and the support. The guy answered all my questions immediately however the fact that it was xmas period (xmas day more specifically).

Reviews: 8
I wish I had the success others are reporting, I'm a designer not a coder so I need extensions that work without tweaking this and that. I could not get this module to work as it does on the demo site. I set up Product Types and Attributes as instructed, but searches just did not return the correct products.
The developer responded to my first two support emails. When I still had problems and sent additional emails, they were unanswered. The developer's online manuals are (imho) poor, they show initial setup for a prior version of the product, and offer scant help when things don't work.
For a commercial extension, this is inexcusable.
Owner's reply

I feel myself responsible to give an answer (bad though that I have to do this in this way).

- we usually respond to inquiries within minutes, but sometimes it could be hours, depending on the time of the day;

- seeing first filters on your site is super easy: you need just to install ChP and publish it, the rest is done in Virtuemart (and there are already wonderful docs on how to create Product Types);

- fixing your search issue takes approx. 1 minute. It’s caused by old Virtuemart bug and is fully covered by our FAQ section.

Reviews: 2
This module is a must have.
I only have one problem with the search.
When I use multible values the if I search for example air filter that has 38mm and 42mm hole. If i klick on one of them it dosent show that filter that has both of these values. But on the cherry picker itshows exactly how many filter have that value. Hope everyone understands. B
But I think it is Virtuemart problem not cherry picker.
Reviews: 5
It is very useful for a web-shop.

The developer Maks has helped me alot! Very good support.

a very recommended extension!
Reviews: 1
For a very reasonable price you get a very useful extensions and excellent technical support.

Cherry Picker filters your products seemlessly.

You need to know how, in Virtuemart, to create product types, add parameters to productypes and how to link the productypes to products in a category

This is all explained on the website

Thanks Maks
Reviews: 10
Dear friends,

I bought cherrypicker + vm breadz yesterday and I am really in love with those extensions, the most useful I ever seen.

They definitely work great and they're a must for any ecommerce environment running Virtuemart.

And this is not all... for a very reasonnable price you get not only those fantastic extensions but a tech support without rivals.

The developer is very skilled, smart and friendly and.... he replied me on SUNDAY with quick and effective solutions to my questions.

Listen to me: if you're looking for something to really improve your Virtuemart shop don't look any further, but buy CherryPicker without any doubt and you'll be happy.


Reviews: 3
After a long search I finally decided on Cherry picker as a product filter. It's a clean cut filter via product types and parameters which has a very stable performance. I'm a pretty advanced joomla user but when I decided to make my site multi lingual with Joomfish I new it could get complicated. This is when I really discovered the true quality of this product: the developer supported me as long as needed to get the product filter fully working in every language, for all 226 virtuemart products. He adjusted the module on the spot to be compatible with Joomfish. Support also helped me to get the included Breadz extension working with joomfish.
Reviews: 1

This extension is ideal for an online store!

And the best of all is the provided technical support: it even helped me on a weekend.

Look no further. This is the one you need.

Thanks Maks!
Reviews: 1
I bought this extension.This works like charm..Must have extension for a virtuemart shopping cart site..
Moreover a really great support from the developer till everything is set and works perfectly..

Don't hesitate guys , just go get this extension..

Reviews: 2
I bought the extension together with VM Breadz as a bundle. Unbeatable Features and a must have for every shop.

Outstanding support from Maks and the galt Team really makes this extension worth every cent!
Reviews: 1
Top Module and very helpful developer with great knowledge in joomla virtuemart development thanks :-)
Reviews: 3
Absolutely fantastic extension and support from Maks!

A must have for every web shop!

Just make some product types in the VM and asign your products to them. Then, install Cherry picker module and enjoy in such a great extension. It is not important if you selling a clotes or laptops or maybe a bikes, you can use this module for searching products by any parameter that you have on your mind. And search by price, a new option that Maks updated for us, it is amazing how it work! At the end, when you playing with search, whatever combination of parameters you choose, it showing results without even a small mistake.

ps... dont forget to use it with VM Breadz!

Reviews: 1
the tool not only works fantastic, the support is truly unique.
The best support ever (not only to joomla extensions area)
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