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Virtuemart Products Ajax Search ComponentModule

Virtuemart products Ajax search is the module developed by Ossolution. It allows user can search VM products through the search form. The module is used the Ajax method for searching. It provides the attractive effects, it can also show the result quickly in current page instead of loading new page. It also allows administrator to setup the search parameters in the backend like search though categories, search through Product name, SKU, description, search if the stock value is not zero.
Specially, it allows customer can filter products via manufacturer, product min price, product max price and product types (Virtuemart 1.x) and custom fields (Virtuemart 2.x).
New version of VM products Ajax search can search products of Virutemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0

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Reviews: 1
This is an excellent extension and the support i received with an issue I was having was top class. Issue was resolved even though it was not directly related to this extension. The only limitation I can see with it is that it cannot exclude child products. This can however be overcome is you couple this extension with the free Auto Parent Categories extension available also on the JED. Well done to the developer.
Reviews: 2
My client wanted a VM search that searched all categories at all times no matter which category you were viewing last. This is it! Client is very happy. Support was most responsive and provided solutions to any issue. Accolades to the author!
Reviews: 2
The module is very nice and very useful with a lot of fields.
I asked to change the CSS after my site and for a short time they change it only for my site.

They are perfect!
Reviews: 1
No show custom fields in frontend, is limited.
Owner's reply

Dear rafaelrezende,
Virtuemart ajax search module doesn't show custom fields filter at frontend of module but it can search through all the custom fields of Virtuemart component that administrator selected at backend of Ajax search configuration component. Shouldn't you contact us for support before writing the review? You also can submit a ticket to ask the help from us about your problem from here:

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Ossolution Team

Reviews: 3
Just a note of appreciation for this great search module for VM 2. I ran across it while searching for a replacement for the default VM search module which was not working properly. The cost of the module is nominal and the benefits are tremendous. I highly recommend it to those developing or managing a VirtueMart 2 site.
Reviews: 1
This is the perfect solution for virtuemart search issues. There are many options to customize the search progress for your own needs and the ajax is very fast.

Especially for the fantastic support, this extension is worth more than 5 stars. Thanks to Dam.
Reviews: 1
really good app, and the support is fast! great app and highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
Does even more than I expected, amazing support! If you need a search feature for your site, look no further! A++++
Reviews: 2
A fantastic component and works well with my Joomla 2.5.x and VM 2.0.x site. The effect is smooth and the module is customizable with simple PHP/HTML Code. No problems with purchase/installation whatsoever. Just one suggestion to developer, try to compact this into single module so user may place this multiple types with variable configurations (I was forced to use only one module as restricted to settings from Component). A worthy buy at 16$ nonetheless.
Reviews: 3
I found default search of virtuemart/joomla not good at all so I was in search of good search module and my search ends at Virtuemart Products Ajax Search. Excellent module and on that excellent customer service is like icing on the cake. Mr. Dang Thuc Dam is very friendly and he himself set this up on my website. All I can say amazing customer support and amazing search module. Do not think twice before getting this module, just go and get it.
Reviews: 2
Exactly the component I was looking for. A very fast VM search module which shows products with thumbnails and sorted by category in the fly as you type. Initially I had a small problem with search by Custom Fields but thanks to Dam's support this was quickly solved. Highly recommended.
Reviews: 35
search field is mandatory to fill in otherwise the search will not work...

however great support!!!

Great job Mr Dan
Reviews: 2
This is exactly what I needed.
Installed in a glimpse, works perfectly.
The technical support answered immediately and made the modification I asked for.
Must have!
Reviews: 1
This is one awsome component for Virtuemart, with very good support!

We wanted the support to fix couple of things, so we can work with VM2 and the ajax search and Mr. Dam helped us for a very short period of time!

We strongly recommend this component!
Reviews: 1
I higly recommend this component, is very fast, very easly to intall and configure, and if you have any problems they offer perfect support, and if You don't know what to do they will solve the problem for you. Thanks Dam.
Reviews: 1
I bought this component for my site and it was so simple to install and configure.However I ran into some problems and Dam was there on skype to help me out.I really appreciate the way he spontaneously replied to my query and fixed it too..I highly recommend it because the component is awesome and the suppot too... :)
Reviews: 1
I would thank you to developers of this great search module mainly to Dam.
Support is really quick. I wanted to slightly adapt this module on my site. Dam made the changes almost immediately after my request.
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Installtion of this component was very easy and adding the module to the site was straight forward.

There were some issues with finding products but that was more down to our naming structure.

However I have to say the support from Dam was excellent.
Dam made some small tweaks which which made the component work even better for us.
Well done and thanks
Reviews: 4
Works fine - very advanced - Good support of Dam - the best of the best for your VM Shop !
Reviews: 1
I use the product on my online shop, it looks great and is easy to use and customize.
I had FANTASTIC support from Dam, he went way beyond normal support level to help get other modules on my site working.
Thanks a million.
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