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Virtuemart Products Ajax Search ComponentModule

Virtuemart products Ajax search is the module developed by Ossolution. It allows user can search VM products through the search form. The module is used the Ajax method for searching. It provides the attractive effects, it can also show the result quickly in current page instead of loading new page. It also allows administrator to setup the search parameters in the backend like search though categories, search through Product name, SKU, description, search if the stock value is not zero.
Specially, it allows customer can filter products via manufacturer, product min price, product max price and product types (Virtuemart 1.x) and custom fields (Virtuemart 2.x).
New version of VM products Ajax search can search products of Virutemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0

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Reviews: 1
This module is simply great, it is satisfy my need for ecommerce site (Joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2.0.2). Easy to install and setup. The support is very good and fast. They also provided some code customization for my need.
Highly recommend this module.
Reviews: 8
Search was very easy to install. With the developer's quick support he helped match the CSS!
Reviews: 1
Excellent extension! This is the first search module that really works for me (Joomla 1.5.25 + VM 2.0.2). The support is fast and helpful.

Reviews: 1
I find this a great search component for my joomla 1.7 / virtuemart 2 website. Worked instantly, design is perfect as it is, didn't have to change a thing. Great work!
Reviews: 3
This component + module made my life easyer!
This is a MUST for all virtuemart websites.
I can say this: whithout Virtuemart Products Ajax Search Component/Module the virtuemart site equal with zero.

And the support is excelent. They even answer on skype.
Not many developers are that close to their users.

Thank you developer, and keep up the good work!
I am your no #1 fan!
Reviews: 1
This component help me very much in my issue. This is best solution for search and filter issue in VirtueMart!
Reviews: 1
Well done to the developers of this extension! Finally a solid ajax search component with flexible configuration and easy setup. The ability to search through a variety of parameter such as categories, manufacturer, product types etc is great. The ajax display of product thumbnails is also a nice touch also. Being able to control function through backend admin it a big help and the small cost is well worth the features you get with this extension.
Reviews: 1
In using this product on a couple of sites that use VM - I was excited to see if this could do what it was supposed to do.

I was very happy to see that not only was it very easy to install, it was very customizable and allowed great flexibility...two things that you sometimes dont see with Joomla extensions.

Having used Joomla since 1.0, I've seen a lot of new tools come and go, but I would definitely say this is one of the better ones out there.

As far as support goes, my questions (albeit few) were always answered very quickly and in a very personal manner. I always felt like I was dealing with someone who cared about the customer, and that goes a long way to getting my loyalty.

Two thumbs up!!
Reviews: 1
This extension was the perfect solution for us. We had a Virtuemart Website with over 20,000 products and the default search was just to slow. We easily installed this ajax search extension and the search is now super fast and slick. Excellent Work.
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