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Custom Filters Pro ComponentModulePlugin

Is a filtering system for searching products using Categories, Manufacturers, Custom fields and Price range. It is very fast and highly configurable,
supplying features used by the major eshops on the planet like Amazon and ebay

★ Filters:
   ○ Categories
   ○ Manufacturers
   ○ Price Range(using slider and text inputs)
   ○ Custom Fields

★ Available display types for each filter:
   ○ Checkboxes
   ○ Drop-down lists
   ○ Buttons
   ○ Links
   ○ Radio buttons
   ○ Range Slider and Range inputs for the price and the integer custom fields.
   ○ Calendars to search within date range (date custom fields)

★ Generation of filters from the Virtuemart's native custom field types (Not native plugins)
★ Generation of filters also from the 'Custom Fileds For All' plugin.
★ Automatic detection and display of the filters relative to the current category/manufacturer page.
★ AJAX for loading the module and the results updating also your browser's address bar.
★ Dependencies between the filters to display only the active/relative options due to the selected criteria
★ Smart Search at the top of the filters to search quickly within the list of the criteria.
★ Control in which type of page each filter will be displayed. For example you can hide the categories filter in the category pages but display all of the filters in the front-page.
★ Expanded/Collapsed state, to keep only the important filters expanded and the module simple
★ Load Results after every selection or using a Search button
★ Clear SEF URLS that can be indexed by the search engines or shared in the Social Networks
★ Foldable category tree that works in unlimited depth
★ Multi-Language support
★ Optimizer tool for improving the database tables, improving the performance of the whole shop
★ Works with shopper groups
★ Layout selection, from the existing category layouts of Virtuemart
★ RightToLeft functionality supported
★ Supported by CSVI for simultaneous creation of custom fields and filters
★ No hacks to core files or templates. Just plug and play
★ Attention to the small details as we always do

The extension comes in multiple languages.

** The current listing regards the PRO/commercial version of the extension

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Reviews: 1
The best filter extension with the best support
Thanks guys
Reviews: 1
The Extension ist not for free, but for low costs. It is easy to use. And it makes the wonderfull possibilities of the custom Field stuff from Virtuemart available for search purposes. To be honest: At the start I was a little bit afraid, because the Site Design ist not really at the edge, but the technology and the easy use of the product builder and the search tools is just great. I wanted a little change, and get it just within a really short time for only some dollars. The guy behind, really understand what it is about if you choose joomla and virtuemart. thanks! The amazing thing: I tested it out on a page with 30.000 products and many custom fields per product (almost 200.000 Entries ind Product_Customfield table) and it works. Fast. Love it.
Reviews: 1
I have only good things to say. Nice and simple to use and the support ticket system is as it should be. Replys are quickly. Thank you for a good extensions for low fee.
Reviews: 1
Extension installs and works out of the box without any problems. Installation guide is easy to understand. I've had some additional design wishes, which were solved by support completely within 2 days! Really great, thanks for this extension!
Reviews: 1
This extension is really great and I got excellent support! We recommend it without any doubts.
INTERSAT Design Studio
Reviews: 16
Complete, fast, effective, intuitive, easy to install and configure and support is very friendly and helpful. Not always all of these qualities are found together.
Reviews: 7
I asked for support on Sunday and they helped me with my payment problem.
The extension is one component (with few but precious options )one module with a lot of options (this is where you will work mostly) and one plugin for the ajax calls.
It is fast and works very good.
Remember to check the menu item if you need to change the products in a row number!
I bought from breakdesigns another extension and i can say that I am a really happy customer.
Reviews: 3
Use and setting are easey
Very complete
The support team answers very quickly and is very efficient
Reviews: 3
The component has all the things that you need for a filter for your products. It's seo friendly, also for search engine crawl.

I had some problems in the beginning but got great support. Problems where because I setup my template on a non standard way.

Had some great updates in the time that I use it. Have it running on two websites know.
Reviews: 1
Very useful! Options are easy to configure and the support is perfect. Quick replies and useful support documentation.
Reviews: 3
I've purchased the extension a few days ago and I've run into a problem, actually it was my mistake by thinking the extension did something it doesn't do. The support guy was great and even helped me develop the feature.

Far from that feature, the extension is amazingly well developed and its just what VM needed. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
This extension is very usefull. You can find easily any category with the products.

Many thanks to creator for this extension and the excellent support...
Reviews: 1
After I installed the component it didn't work. I contacted the developer and received imediate and effective support. It is a great component.
Than you.
Reviews: 2
This module does exactly what we wanted. Some special twiking for us made by the support team and all is working perfectly.

Exelent module a must have for your VM Shop !
Reviews: 1
This was the second plugin for adding custom field filters and it will be the one we use in the future: works out of the box with no impact on the rest of the code.

We required some support, mainly to get custom filter sliders to work properly. The support was perfect. We even received additional suggestions for improving an earlier given solution.

If there is anything to remark it is that it is not possible to use different custom field filters for different parts of the product portfolio. But that does not stop us from marking this plugin as Excellent.
Reviews: 7
The Custom Filter plugin is truly amazing. Exactly what I needed to do the job. Sakis even gave me quick turnaround on some custom filter programming I asked for.

+1 for this! It will be a standard plugin I use on every VM-powered site from now on.
Reviews: 2
Thanks Sakis for this great extension now all my visitors can choose from different products the one they really like so easy with the criteria they want and that is money for my e-shop.
Easy to configure and when i need help always is available on time.
Reviews: 4
Fantastic extension, powerfull, well documented and excellent support

Thank you very much guys
Reviews: 1
I'm using Custom Filter extensively. It's a very useful and customerfriendly tool and most impressive is the fast support if needed
Reviews: 2
We ordered this component/module and we used it in customer site.
This has the best functionality in this category.
We have also to refer that the support in 1 very small issue we had was excellent and very fast.
We recommend it without any doubts.
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