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Custom Filters Pro ComponentModulePlugin

Is offering both a Powrefull Search and a Filtering module that filters with Categories, Manufacturers, Custom fields and Price range. It is very fast and highly configurable.

★ Search
A Search Engine that returns results even with complex queries, that could contain Category and Manufactuers names and even Custom Fields, in the same phrase.

★ Filtering.
Available Filters:
   ○ Categories
   ○ Manufacturers
   ○ Price Range(using slider and text inputs)
   ○ Custom Fields

★ Available display types for each filter:
   ○ Checkboxes
   ○ Drop-down lists
   ○ Buttons
   ○ Links
   ○ Radio buttons
   ○ Range Slider and Range inputs for the price and the integer custom fields.
   ○ Calendars to search within date range (date custom fields)

★ Generation of filters from the Virtuemart's native custom field types (Not native plugins)
★ Generation of filters also from the 'Custom Fileds For All' plugin.
★ Detection and display of the filters relative to the displayed products.
★ AJAX for loading the module and the results updating also your browser's address bar.

★ Expanded/Collapsed state, to keep only the important filters expanded and the module simple
★ Clear SEF URLS that can be indexed by the search engines or shared in the Social Networks

★ Optimizer tool for improving the database tables, improving the performance of the whole shop

★ Foldable category tree that works in unlimited depth
★ Works with shopper groups
★ RightToLeft functionality supported

★ No hacks to core files or templates. Just plug and play
★ Attention to the small details as we always do

The extension comes in multiple languages.

** The current listing regards the PRO/commercial version of the extension

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Reviews: 2
Thanks Sakis for this great extension now all my visitors can choose from different products the one they really like so easy with the criteria they want and that is money for my e-shop.
Easy to configure and when i need help always is available on time.
Reviews: 4
Fantastic extension, powerfull, well documented and excellent support

Thank you very much guys
Reviews: 1
I'm using Custom Filter extensively. It's a very useful and customerfriendly tool and most impressive is the fast support if needed
Reviews: 2
We ordered this component/module and we used it in customer site.
This has the best functionality in this category.
We have also to refer that the support in 1 very small issue we had was excellent and very fast.
We recommend it without any doubts.
Reviews: 3
The extension works great, the setup is very simple and the support is really fast. All of the above makes this a great product!
Reviews: 1
Besides being a critically important way of managing non-standard or even standard products, there is excellent support from the Author.
Reviews: 1
This extension is working like a charm. And This author Sakis is really à good worker. The support today is the most important when you choose an extension . For some extension the support sucks !! For custom filters Sakis is really à charmant Guy :)
Good Job and FOLLOW ):):):
Reviews: 2
I needed an advanced filter for Virtuemart 2.
This extension answers all the filter needs: it even filters on the custom fields and supports multilanguage.
The support is great too, you have a ticketing service related to your account.
Reviews: 6
Very nice extension, it works great and customer support is very fast and helpful. Five stars!
Reviews: 1
It didn't work initially, I used the support system available and received help very quickly.
Reviews: 7
Great extension. Does exactly what it say. Easy to use and support answered me in 5 minutes on a Saturday :)
Reviews: 1
Im very happy to buy support for this extesion, very nice work and very professional support.

if i can i vote 10 star not only 5


Reviews: 1
We use this extension to manage a large number of filters (15+) across several hundred products for a hosting comparison site. It's been working perfectly from the start.

Set up is e a breeze and and if there's any questions, Sakis has been superfast to get back to us.

Recently there's been several features added, which have made the look and feel more customizable (expanding/collapsing filters, etc.).

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Custom filter is good product, it has almost features that i really need like filter through categories, price and custom fields. Quite easy to install and config the parameters for the search module.
Only problem is we cannot filter through multiple product categories. I hope this feature will be available in next version
Thank you
Owner's reply

Of course its possible to filter by multiple categories. Just set the display type to checkboxes

Reviews: 1
Great software indeed, easily customizable and powerful.

Great service and support also for special customization and development.
Reviews: 3
Easy to use extension for creating and managing filters for Virtuemart, without the need to hack any default Virtuemart files. Excellent support in case of any questions / issues. Highly recommended!
Reviews: 1
Really good component if you use VirtueMart custom fields.
Very simple to use, looks and works great.

I needed some custom coding done to extend the functionality a bit further. Very good support received, and custom coding was done very quickly with results that exactly matched what I wanted.

Very impressed indeed. Thanks!
Reviews: 1
Very easy to set-up. What's more important: very fast and good support!
Thank you!
Reviews: 1
Custom Filters is a fantastic extension to filter easily products for virtuemart. Also the support is quick and very professional.

Thanks for a great product, Sakis!
Reviews: 2
Custom Filters is a fantastic extension for virtuemart. Also the support is quick and very professional.
Thanks for a great product, Sakis!
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