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Multiple Customfields Filter for Virtuemart ModulePlugin

Version 1.6.8 is a Security Update and all users are urged to update as soon as possible.

Filter Virtuemart 2 by customfields includes field plug-in which allows multi-selection and Virtuemart 2 search module for values. The extension allows to search products in Virtuemart 2 according to parameters (fields).

* Customfield plug-in allowing to choose several product values from drop-down list
* No third-party components! Work directly with Virtuemart 2 via plug-in system
* Unlimited domains activation
* Search module searching by customfields, categories, manufacturers with wide assortment of templates
* Added a possibility to search for child products alone and in chain with their parents (child products are found and parents are shown). Plugin stockable is now supported.
* Work with CSV Improved Pro 5.9+
* Search by price considering discounts, tax, overrides and display as slider with highlighted active values
* AJAX module update, as well as AJAX products list update, in case of changes in filter parameters
* Sorting and management of customfield values via user-friendly interface
* Calculation of products quantity corresponding to each parameter, depending on already chosen parameters
* Full support of linked lists by assigning fields and hiding zero parameters
* Manual link to categories, as well as ability to automatically select fields
* No changes to Virtuemart 2 code. Clean installation.
* Detailed documentation with loads of screenshots

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Reviews: 1
I've tried a lot of plugins/modules and noone gave me the functionality I need. But then I've found this extension and I must say - it's awesome!

It really solves my problems with custom fields and live search on them. It works 2-3 times faster than any other custom field extension.

Very easy to install (few minutes) and very powerful. Must have for any VM geek.
Reviews: 1
This is realy a good module. I also needed some help and dimitri helped me to solve it within few minutes. Go on with the good job!
Reviews: 1
I am very happy that came across it.
Excellent support.
Professional extension!
Reviews: 1
very good technical support
quickly and qualitatively solves problems
conducts work on plug-in improvement
always on communication
Reviews: 1
Easy to use, good speed filtering, many opions and nice looking.I would strongly recommend this extension.Excellent module!
Reviews: 1
this is one of the best modules what ii see
the support ist excellent
this module become from me 10 stars
the company ofer for me best support ii write email to this and become answer on 2 minutes very profesional
Reviews: 1
Long ago wanted to transfer the of shop on joomla 2.5 and Virtuemart 2, but couldn't find the worthy filter of the goods in any way. This realization of search by forces of the Virtuemart 2 component is simply excellent! Pleases static урл, speed of work, flexibility of settings, simple import export of parameters of additional fields of the goods. And I got all this in one box and for ridiculous money. It is felt that the person with knowledge and understanding of business did.
Reviews: 1
The module very much was pleasant, works well! To the author separate thanks for prompt replies to questions on the module and the help in installation and control.
High-quality work, thanks!
Reviews: 1
Excellent filter. Easy to use, good speed filtering, nice looking.I would strongly recommend this extension.
Reviews: 1
That's the best VM2 filter module for this cost! Easy to use, good speed filtering, nice looking.
Reviews: 1
I need a flexible filtering options, and this extension is very helping me with this. Thanks for the great work!
Reviews: 1
Excellent filter. Installed on your site, completely satisfied. Support is great. Recommend to all.
Reviews: 1
I would strongly recommend this extension. It isn't expensive but very helpful and necessary module for VM.
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