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Genius Virtuemart Ajax Search - Revamped! Module

This Virtuemart Ajax powered Search Module shows your search results in a beautiful Modal Popup as you type in your search words. It´s ultra easy to set up and configure and it features the most powerful search mechanisms found in any Virtuemart search module.

Here is an example of how powerful this search enginge is:
Search string: "can pix" will find products, categories or manufacturers named any of these examples; "Bitcan transpixar", "Canon Ultrapix", "Cheesy Canpix" etc..

And all results are sorted by relevance.

Furthermore the search results are now nicely sorted in three blocks; "Categories", "Manufacturers" and "Products".
In the Products search results all products are shown with images, SKU, Name, Price and Buy Now product link.

This module is 100% free and open source, but if you like it please support our team by following us on Twitter and Google Plus

Feature list:

- Instant Ajax search results in beautiful modal window.
- Super easy to setup.
- Extremely optimized search handling.
- Goes to standard search page when hitting enter.
- It´s possible to input custom override CSS directly in the module.
- Search results are now showing Categories, Manufacturers & Products.
- You can disable any of the three blocks in the module.
- Manual positioning of the Ajax Popup Window in the module settings!.

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Reviews: 3
This is a better search module than payed ones. And support is very fast! Thanks!
Reviews: 5
This is one of the best search extensions for VM. I use it in any VM project and and it offers so much functionality with so little css modification. Easy to find anywhere; products, categories and manufacturers, nice appearance as well. Manu thanks to the developer.
Reviews: 16
Ajax powered search box is an excellent out of box solution. Not much to configure and to the point search. A must have for VM sites.