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RuposTel One Page Checkout for VirtueMart ComponentPluginExtension Specific Addon

One Page Checkout Component for Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x
This is true one page checkout which really raises your sales. It is simple to install, and fully support multilingual sites including RTL. One Page Checkout uses AJAX for loading shipping methods, supports advanced payment modules such as PayPal Pro and works on all versions af VirtueMart (1.1.x and 2.x). RuposTel OnePage Checkout is bundled in Joomla Installer and has nice configuration backend. This One Page Virtuemart checkout has several fully styled checkout templates. We believe this is the most sophisticated One Page Checkout component available for Virtuemart and we provide continuous support for it since 2008.

One Page Checkout for VirtueMart - Features
- all the checkout steps are at one page right under the basket at the cart page of virtuemart or at the component page. No need to create any template positions.
- Supports checkout from an external site where basket is automatically filled with products set in URL
- One Page Checkout supports registration with already existing email addresses
- One Page Checkout runs on SSL or without, no core hacks are needed in VirtueMart
- One page Checkout supports any shipping methods (such as UPS, USPS, Fedex) and they are loaded faster then in the standard checkout
- One Page Checkout supports many custom payment gateways used around the world (Klarna, Paypal Pro, iDeal, Stripe payment and others)
- One Page Checkout supports inline credit card payments:, PayPal Pro, UK Payment Mehotds, CardPay and ALL default VM methods. WE PROVIDE FREE ONE PAGE CHECKOUT SUPPORT if you find a problem with a payment processor or shipping processor.
- you can choose a default shipping country in registration fields or have a default coutry set by joomla language or Geo Location per IP address
- default shipping has many options such as to choose the least expensive not zero, the most expensive or none, shiping or ship to address can be disabled within One Page Checkout
- hundreds of optional features which you would expect at the checkout (Google Adwords Conversion tracking, Free shipping only to one country, Free shipping as an shipping option, Checkout as link to a subscribtion, Disable a specific payment for a selected shipping, Disable a specific shipping per payment), zero shipping for digital products or gift certificates
- supports AWO coupon system (free shipping coupons and other coupons), vmUpload, vmBonus, k2 and much more
- OnePage Checkout for VM1 has own system for invoice generation and postal cheques from MS Excell templates to pdf with data of the order with a nice order management.
- One Page Checkout for VM1 has own order management system where you can update user data instantly without page refresh with AJAX from backend.
- One Page Checkout for VM2 now has sophisticated affiliate tracking that can be used with Google Adwords, Analytics,, and

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Reviews: 5
Never have bought an extension with this extended and dedicated support.
This guy really takes his product seriously.

Thanks for development and help with implementing.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a component that combine all VM fields of the checkout page in one page.

OPC does it very well. The integration is really easy. Stan provided us a great support when we were a loosing with other components.

Our client is really happy about the final result. We can just recommend this extension. Thanks Guys!
Reviews: 3
I just couldnt believe the ultra fast support I got. I got a reply in a matter of minutes. Thanks again. The extension is great and I love it. Many customers complement me for this beautiful and practical checkout.
Reviews: 6
I bought this component a few days back, duplicated a built-in template, changed some -nicely organised- lines of PHP and CSS and got a cart looks like it's part of the template I use! And just in a few hours, I'm impressed! You need this one for sure.

Reviews: 2
After trying a few options that promised a seamless one page checkout solution and being disappointed, was amazingly refreshing. No exaggeration, they go above and beyond to guarantee their product. Fast responses, great service and a working product. it's a good deal.
Reviews: 2
i purchased this component few days back and had few issues with new features from my client. but when i send an email to the developer he promptly replied and talk to me and guide me how to do it and gave more options to solve the issue. Highly recommend this kind of components and developers.. hats off..
Reviews: 2
Hands down best extension for virtuemart out there!!!! the support is fantastic and this must be the best €49,- i have ever invested. Keep up the great work ^.^
Reviews: 13
Truth is I can't use this on our site because of they html5, css3, bootstrap technology but they developer is more than a great guy and very willing to help in any way possible. I plan on using it on another site instead as I do love the product still. Thank you for giving it one hell of a shot for me. :)
Reviews: 7
I highly recommend this plugin! Wasn't too convinced at first as I had a small issue, however I contacted the support and Stan fixed it in no time at all, even though it was my mistake!

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!
Reviews: 2
I must say: every shop should have this perfect and fast checkout progress!

I use it on multiple sites.

Online support is very fast and easy to understand for people who don't know scripting. They also do a great job with making a tailor made template including difficult functions that i needed in the checkout progress.

Well done!
Reviews: 4
I have OPC on two sites, my customers love it!
at first i had to customize it because i chose a them that is a little complicated (sandwich) but stan really did everything to help me quick and the shop is now perfect.
i had different one page checkout solutions in the past and they all had troubles, but stan's extension is the most stable and reliable.
I highly recommend it!!!
Reviews: 16
This component makes too many modifications to the core Virtuemart.

The checkout will load 4 times slower than Virtuemart core checkout.

If the programmer cared to make a better extension and make it core to VM instead of making money out of it, VM2 will have a much better checkout without so many issues. Then people will gladly pay his work.

The hard work is obvious in this component but the fact that he helps the VM team makes the VM community lack of a decent checkout and buy this component which is a serious modification to the core where you will find 4 css styles that may or may not suit your template, if thats your case like ours, you are done. Shame on the VM team and shame on him.

Sad times when open source is becoming a profit for a few.
Owner's reply

Hello, firstly I thought that you are not referring to our extension, let me explain.

Our extension does absolutely no modifications to Virtuemart 2.0.6 and above, it uses a default plugin system to load. Prior 2.0.6 it fixes a few fatal errors in Virtuemart 2.

As a member of VM team we do not have access to modify the core VM code and our place is to fix bugs, not to create features or themes. We are developing OPC since 2008 far before any Virtuemart 2 was created. It is not possible that One Page Checkout-like solutions would be part of a default VM checkout because they require a specific approach to create compatibility, logic and theming.

The speed depends on your configuration of OPC and hosting. We accomplished to run plugins asynchronously in ajax thread so they do not slow down your checkout.

We keep backward compatibility from Virtuemart 2.0.0 which makes developement and support much more advanced. We also do support for OPC on Virtuemart 1.1.x.

Our component is released under GPL without any code obfuscation, or domain restrictions. You pay for us to keep the good work and provide continuous bug fixes, new themes and features.

Reviews: 17
what better could u say... turns VM from the head to its feet..
Reviews: 2
RuposTel OPC + FedEx Multibox is the perfect combo for VM2 cart.

Stan (OPC) and Alan over at FedEx MultiBox have integrated these perfectly. OPC is great with MANY features, and now when used with FedEx Multibox checkout is a breeze and shipping charges are TO THE PENNY - thanks guys
Reviews: 2
I rarely give out 5 star reviews but I can't find any faults with OnePage Checkout. The developer has quickly addressed requests to make compatible with new payment processors and FedEx MultiShip. In each case, his updates worked flawlessly.

Before installing OnePage Checkout, confused customers were abandoning their carts -- they literally could not figure out how to use VirtueMart's default cart. That really kills sales. I have OnePage Checkout installed on 3 client sites. Each one has unique payment, shipping, and other setup options and they all work flawlessly. Thanks you!
Reviews: 6
I had some problems with the shipment system I used but it was 1 e-mail and they took a look at it and solved the problem. Perfect component for your VM shop
Reviews: 5
Great component and compliments any VM site. It really does make the checkout experience with virtuemart more user friendly for the customer and in my view should be included as part of the standard build of VM as the vast majority of failed orders on our customers VM sites have been down to abandoned carts. Great support also as we had a need to display tax differently for North America and the support team made the change right there and then over live chat for us. Would recommend
Reviews: 5
This component is really great and give a very professionnal aspect to my checkout page.
It is easy to setup and really nice
Reviews: 1
The component I was looking for a long time, excellent support and functionality without comparison, I only had a few minor problems but the developer has resolved the issue quickly!
Reviews: 1
I was one of the first customers I believe and as all of you know, all too well, there was not much out there in terms of One Page Checkout options. Stan, thanks a lot for the component and for the actual help installing and editing it to our liking. You have helped several times with the layout and other edits and it looks just phenomenal. Works perfect.
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