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Virtuemart Bonus products ComponentModuleExtension Specific Addon

This component will give you the possibility to define 'Bonus rules' based on your customer purchase behavior and invite them to upgrade!

Compatible with Virtuemart 1.1.x and Virtuemart 2 !

The rules have a lot of parameters that you define whether or not to trigger the rule:
- products already in the cart
- cart amount (min and max)
- number of products/distinct products in the cart
- total weight of
- coupon redeemed

These rules can be filtered to apply only on some specific
- categories
- shoppers group
- manufacturers

Then when the rule is triggered, you can either
- give a percentage or amount rebate
- add one or several products
- the added products can be free or have a price as normally set in Virtuemart
- remove products from cart

The products to be added can have custom and advanced attributes, the customer will then be invited to select values for these directly from the cart.

And several more settings:

- Works with multi currencies
- Adds a category 'Bonus' unpublished where you can store your bonus products but not display them in your catalog.
- Optional check stocks. (ie. You can offer the bonus product while some are available or at any time)
- Optional check minimum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 2, you'll need a set of 2 master products to have the bonus product added)
- Optional check maximum order quantities. (ie, if you have it set to 3 and have a set of 5 master products in cart, only 3 bonus products will be added)
- Not possible to add the bonus product directly in cart, it will be removed if the master products are not there.
- There is absolutly no hack to core Joomla or Virtuemart component.
- Custom and advanced attibutes handling for the bonus items
- Upsell in customer's cart !
- Compatible with AWO Coupons

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Reviews: 2
I wanted to allow multi-buy discounts across a category (about 450 products). This extension allowed me to do that and it allowed me to do it quite easily. I used it in conjunction with awocoupon as was suggested.
There was an issue with VM 2.6 cart refreshes. I put in a ticket and got a response within 24 hours that a fix was being worked on. A few hours later I was informed that a new version was available and it fixed the issue.

The improvement that would make the extension stunning rather than very good would be to have vm-bonus generate it's own, one use coupons on the fly.

Well worth the money.
Reviews: 2
I was looking for a way to limit the scope of coupons in virtuemart. A way to add a present in the cart for specific case. Well, I was looking to do thing that was impossible.

And I found VM Bonus. It responded exactly to my needs.

The product is very powerful, well made and very easy to handle.

In case of specific request, the support team is very responsive.

We just recommend!
Reviews: 4
Wow. Take the time to truly understand the possibilities of this product and then let your imagination run wild.
Reviews: 1
This module works great.
Developer Jeremy was helpful follow up with install and questions.
Reviews: 1
I searched the internet high and low for some kind of upsell program for Virtuemart for years and could not find one. Then I ran across Virtuemart Bonus in August 2011. This has been one of the top extensions I have purchased.

Priced right.
Helps me make more money at checkout.
Easy to install.
Intuitive with instructions built into fields.
Great support when needed. I think he works 24/7 like me.
Can only get better.

Early in development, could use some more features.
No manual or how-to video yet.

I use the extension to offer a 12-month maintenance program with software purchase and to offer an Extended Warranty on some hardware. I also use it to offer Bonus products for free with the purchase of certain products. The options are endless.
Reviews: 1
The extension is actually very good, but does NOT work well if you use the cart in ajax. Other than that works perfectly.
Reviews: 1
Bought this extension and it fulfilled all of our needs. Ran into some issues with our server's security and the component developer went above and beyond to discover the root issue and get it compatible for our server in no time.

Highly recommended!
Reviews: 3
I bought this extension for my site because I felt that offering a range of free products based on the amount the customer was spending would be a good way to boost sales. The extension was easy to install and upgrade and worked right out of the box. I did have a question about altering the colours of the notices and my questions were answered very promptly and courteously. I can recommend this product with no hesitation.
Reviews: 4
Few days ago i purchased this component and it works great. One day ago i discovered that i actually needed an extra function (max cart amount parameter) what was not available.
I send an email to the developer and today he fixed or added this feature! One word: AWESOME!

And i think there is more to come to this component because the developer is really listening to us as customers!

perfect! Keep up the good work!

Reviews: 6
This is an excellent extension. I would recommended 1000%. I worked right out of the box and works like it is stated. And also better for me, because the bonus product can be with a price (like an activation or setup fee along with the service purchased). It is perfect. Thanks guys.
Reviews: 15
I bought this component for its more than fair price and the result on my website is awesome, I had some problems related to my own template that had nothing to do with this component and I recieved full support by Jeremy, he had a lot of pacience with a noobie like me and it's really appreciated.

For the component it does what it says, works perfectly.
Reviews: 15
The component works great and it's price is more than fair for what it offers. Does exactly what it says.

His developer really cares for customers and helped me even with conflicts that were more realated to my template than his component, great service and great component.
Reviews: 1
Product: If you need to provide free bonus products to your customers, this is the one and only way to do it. I have searched high and low until finally finding a light at the end of the tunnel.

This component does exactly what it says it does, and in a simple and easy to use way.

Support: Jeremy was more than available and helpful with a noob like me and went the extra mile to make sure I was satisfied.

Cheers Jeremy!