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Wishlist for Virtuemart ComponentModulePlugin

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Full support for VIRTUEMART 3
Powered by "Font Awesome" Iconic Font

The most complete Component to CREATE Favorite Products/Wishlist, SHARE with Family and Friends, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Email. Records are PERMANENTLY stored, accessible ANYTTIME, ANYWHERE!

NO DOMAIN LIMITS: You can now install our component on concurrent websites without limitations!

NEW > Product thumbnails on Wishlist Module
NEW > Font Awesome Icons for easy customization and 12 ready made presets
NEW > Limit the number of favorite product per user
NEW > Guest Lists Plugin with Automerge option on Login/Registration
NEW > Additional Password Protection for Shared Favorites/Wishlists
NEW > “Ask for a quote” Feature (Sending Products List to Admin)
NEW > Full Admin control of all the Component options

1. Native Joomla 1.5/1.7/2.5/3.0 – Virtuemart 1.1/2.0 (NO HACK)
2. 100% MVC architecture
3. Complete Joomla ACL Integration
4. Fully support for Virtuemart Custom Fields/Atributes
5. 100% Customizable with Joomla Overrides
6. Complete Back-End Administration
7. Multilanguage
8. Dedicated DB Tables for storing/sharing Favorite Products & Wishlist
9. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Email sharing system
10. Private and Public Favorites List/Wishlist
11. Favorite Products Module
12. Wishilist Module
13. Favorite Products Stats
14. SEF Compliant (Core Joomla SEF, sh404sef and more…)
15. Ajax Cart enabled (if available)
16. Advanced Cart for Items Qty Automation (Wishlist)
17. Custom Items Note on Order Review (Wishlist)
18. CSS Template Based (Fully Customizable)
19. Three Steps Installation, it works right out of the box


It DOES NOT REQUIRE IONCUBE, don't worry if you don't have it!!! You can ADD products to your Wishlist FROM ANY PAGE, not just from the product detail page like other similar scripts does.

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Reviews: 2
Best VM extension I have ever bought. Worth every penny. Installation was quick and works as stated. All the issues I had caused by my template were solved by support team. Support team was fast, extremly kind and professional. One of the best support experiences I have ever had regarding Joomla extension.
Simpy 'must have' extension for Virtuemart based webshops with no hack or code issues.
Reviews: 3
I was looking long time for a component / module like this.
Very easy to install and customize. After very professional support with quick solutions it works now perfectly. In general I would say it is an excellent tool but it would be even better if it would offer some more functionality as email account integration
Reviews: 2
I had a little problem with installed Wishlist for Virtuemart but every problem I had was solved. Support is excellent. I've never known better helpdesk. Don't hesitate buy this great component and if you have any problem just write to support. They will help you for sure.
Reviews: 1
Very good product and support has been truly outstanding
Reviews: 2
extremly happy with the result of this component.. it really gives a plus to my web site, it is worth buying
Reviews: 2
As my business grows I have less and less time to invest "exploring" the web for "hacks." VirtueMart is well known to lack lots of features and the community resources to implement hacks, hacks, and more hacks. When I do agree and implement many I know already work, sometimes wasting hours figuring a "free" solution is not worth it. Paying (meaning supporting) for a component for Joomla! saves time, enhances the chances to improve such extension, and the most important SAVES YOU TIME! This Wishlist is not only built right, it worked out of the box and it was easy to setup. I have not finished testing it 100% but boy am I happy! Rarely you see extensions that work this good. I planned already on getting this extension for ALL my VirtueMart extensions: it was that good. GOOD JOB GUYS.
Reviews: 1
Well done Component, everything I needed for my ecommerce site, easy to install and configure, probably the best out there. Many thanx to Dev Team for their support.
Reviews: 1
It does everything we expected it to do, and are quite satisfied with it. However, we have not yet had any feedback from our users.
Reviews: 3
I was looking for an extension to add a wishlist in my vituemart catalog. I purchased the license, followed the instructions without success but I'm not a Joomla or php expert. Contacted them to help me with the installation and response was fast, friendly and effective. After playing around a bit with the component I can say it does what it is supposed to do and works great!
Reviews: 1
Was nice and easy to install. I had to modify the CSS in places to make it fit in with the layout of the website. But technically the component works very well. Great work.
Reviews: 2

This component have been getting better and better since the first release, correcting bugs and improving functionalities.
It can be easaly customized : I recommend it !
Reviews: 14
Excellent component, simple and functional. Assistance is prepared and available. Compliments
Reviews: 1
Easy to install and customize, simply great the new Wishlist feature, complete admin management. Thank you guys, awesome job!!!!
Reviews: 14
Very disappointed at this extension. First version I could not get the images to work and user could not delete products from their lists, then I received an update email with a link to an offline site an email is not answered by the developers.
Owner's reply

Dear W-bizz,
we are not sure where you asked for support and from which email address you got our component.

Because we have a online support desk for all of our customers and we do not send the component by email, neither any sort of component updates.

After buying our component, customers gets a download link directly from our Virtuemart Demo Site and they are invited to join our support desk. All the updates then are available from the online repository for free and they get notified each time there is an update.

If you think that the component doesn't meet your needs, please provide us with your PayPal address and we will refund you immediately.

Best regards.
The MobyJam Team

Reviews: 5
Be careful because this component don't work with all joomla and virtuemart configurations. And the MobyJam support is very bad !
So if you don't know php, this component is not for you.
Owner's reply

Dear webomatik,
we apologize for any misunderstanding, but on the component page is specified which version of Virtuemart and Joomla is required for compatibility. And in all cases we are always available to help customers and following them during the installation process if needed (you can find detailed installation instruction inside the component folder). We have done a lot of improvements thanks to customer reviews and feedback.

However we do not see any support ticket entry from you on our help desk (dedicated area for all of our existing customers)

Still, if you're not satisfied, provide us with your Paypal account and we will fully refund you.

Best regards,
the MobyJam Team

Be careful because this component don't work with all joomla and virtuemart configurations. And the MobyJam support is very bad !
So if you don't know php, this component is not for you.

Reviews: 7
This is a brilliant piece of work, well worth every cent.

Installation was absolutely simple and the instructions were well laid out and easy to follow. I pretty much know enough to get by with editing files and stuff but the way it was put together anyone of any experience level could easily get this done in almost no time
Owner's reply

Thank you for your feedback CranialBlaze. As we told to Angie, with the newest component version, the installation process is almost completely automated.

It will be a really simple process for newbies also, and we are always available with our online support desk.

Best Regards,
The MobyJam Team

Reviews: 1
Wow! I am a novice when it comes to back-end Joomla and a bit of a technophobe, so when I bought this extension and found it didn't come with automatic installation I was worried. I immediately contacted the team and explained I was out of my depth so they offered to install it for me. Their responses were very prompt thorough,and when they had finished the installation they sent me comprehensive details of exactly what had been done! Whats more...the product does exactly what it says it will and has given my website the edge it needed! Brilliant and thanks Sergio for all your help and support. Well worth adding to any virtuemart installation.(I understand automatic installation is not far off). Angie
Owner's reply

Dear Angie, first of all thank you for you feedback. We want to let you know also that from version 2.0 of the Virtuemart Component we have almost completely automated the installation process. Installation will not require more than 5 minutes. And, of course, for any problem, all of our support and help.

Best regards,
The MobyJam Team

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