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Category Shipping is a great shipping method for Virtuemart 2.x. It allows you to set up shipping cost per category. When users check out products, it will calculate and show total shipping cost based on categories that products in the cart are belong to.

Suppose that you set up the shipping cost for categories as following (Category Name/Shipping Cost):
+ Hand Tools: $4.5
+ Power Tools: $7
+ Garden Tools: $9

Then on the checkout processing:
+ If users purchase products which are belong to Hand Tools and Power Tools categories: Shipping Cost = $4.5 + $7 = $11.5
+ If users purchase products which are belong to Power Tools and Garden Tools categories: Shipping Cost = $7 + $9 = $16
+ If users purchase products which are belong to all these 3 categories: Shipping Cost = $4.5 + $7 + $9 = $20.5

The Category Shipping method also supports some other options:
+ Select countries to apply this shipping method
+ Enter package fee
+ Select tax rule to apply for shipping cost
+ Use maximum category cost option: if Yes, then only maximum category cost is applied as shipping cost.

Many my clients asked for this shipping method so I decided to create it. I hope that you will like it.

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Reviews: 16
Work as expected and the support was really helpful helping customize it as we needed. Great for anyone that need shipment prices based on categories.
Reviews: 4
I just bought this plug-in, fair price for a very good plug-in. It's so easy to install and Ginag answered my question within 24 hours. I'm glad I bought this plug-in, just use the category_id and shippingcost like this: 12:25. This means category 12, shipping these items will cost 25 (euro, USD, whatever your shop is using).

THANKS Giang, it works like a charm!
Reviews: 1
This extention works great. I use a modified version of the developer for my specific needs. He is very friendly and it is a pleasure to work with him. The extention is easy to use and if you need help, you will get timely help from the developer. I recommend it to everyone!
Reviews: 3
Solves hours of headaches and it works like a charm. Developer is friendly and support is prompt too!
Reviews: 2
I have bought this extension for the german market. My customers need to get some customizations (shipping costs each group of categories) and we get the customization. A fair price, fast delivery time and a great solution! Excellent work!
Reviews: 1
You do not need to look elsewhere! On JoomDonation you can find what you need for your shop, just ask. I needed a shipment for Virtuemart that worked: I saw their website, I saw Category Shipping, so I bought the plugin in less than 1 minute. And if you want to perhaps have other functions go on skype, tell your problem in a few hours your custom work is ready. Never seen anything like it! Perfect service, availability and professionalism are the secret of Category Shipping and all extensions of JoomDonation.
Reviews: 1
I purchased it and i like it a lot. I got a small problem which was a basic thing with VM but he supported me well. Thank you for the Extension and Support!
Reviews: 2
I am very happy with this product, I needed this, differentiate prices of different categories, and also has good support. Thank you very much
Reviews: 3
I needed a plugin to run different shippingcost when selling big furniture online. I wanted this plugin to work together with existing shipmentmodules so I asked for som customization. I got pro help same day and are 100% satisfied. Genius plugin, exellent service, thank you Giang!
Reviews: 2
I needed a plugin which can apply price rates of delivery to the categories of my online shop.
The only one exists and I am very satisfied with the result! Simple and fast to install, the support is effective more very and ultra rapids! I recommend!