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Price Shipping PluginExtension Specific Addon

Price Shipping is a great shipping method for Virtuemart 2.x. It allows you to set up shipping cost based on total price of order. When users check out products, it will calculate and show total shipping cost based on total price of order that they are purchasing.

+ Total price of order is between $0 - $100, then shipping cost is $8.
+ Total price of order is between $100 - $250, then shipping cost is $13.
+ Total price of order is between $250 - $500, then shipping cost is $18.
+ Total price of order is between $500 - $800, then shipping cost is $22.
+ Total price of order is between $800 - $1000, then shipping cost is $30.
+ Total price of order is > $1000, then shipping is free.

The Price Shipping method also supports some other options:
+ Select countries to apply this shipping method
+ Enter package fee
+ Select tax rule to apply for shipping cost
+ Option to enter minimum price for free shipping

Many my clients asked for this shipping method so I decided to create it. I hope that you will like it.

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Reviews: 3
This is the 3rd plugin i got from the developer and all i can say its i am speechless! Plugin works as advertised and support is very prompt!
Reviews: 1
I love this plugin! Now that USPS has no First Class International Mail working online, I can do this setting manually working with this plugin. Now, the support I got from Giang was amazing, he not only set my plugin to work correctly but make some updates for it to work as I needed! I highly recommend it!
Reviews: 4
Great service from Giang and the team. Had an issue in VM 2.0.6 but they solved it quickly and with consideration. Recommended.

Reviews: 4
Simple installation, took all of 5 minutes and works exactly as expected. Worth the $15
Reviews: 3
This thing work like really well! I got my store build and now using this to added great pricing! Played with it a little to see what it can do and it does more than what is said in description! I needed to do shipping with percentage and it does just that! Thanks alot for something that was real and easy to do! Well worth the money!
Reviews: 1
Great plugin! Easy to work with... Excellent Support! A must have plugin! Thanks Giang!! :) hats off !
Reviews: 11
I needed Price Shipping, and i bought it : The price is very soft!
But i had a specific need too. After a question on joomdonation forum, an answer was posted very quickly, and a contact via skype was a quick solution to my need...

Thanks a lot Joomdonation, keep this good work!
Reviews: 1
It works with Virtuemart 2.0.12 - When I asked via the contact form on the developers website he responded quickly and affirmatively.

As a website developer that works with wordpress / Joomla / Virtuemart - response time is important to me. Myself and several others have been waiting forever on a developer for Quickbooks integration with Virtuemart 2.0.12 - this product costs close to $1k and they can't be bothered.

Giang at Joom Donation is on top of his game and charges a reasonable price to solve an annoying problem.

I found the plugin to be at most 15min of time to install. It works and my client is happy!

Thank you Giang! Keep up the good work!
Reviews: 1
Extension installed without any problems and functioned as advertised. I need an enhancement where it's not only a shipping rate for a cost range but a percentage. The developer resounded very quickly and deliver even quicker - Great job! One can now specify a flat rate or percentage per price range.
Reviews: 3
I bought this app this morning. It installed in a breeze. I was a bit confused on how to put in the correct parameters and wrote to support. The answer came back in less than an hour and it worked perfectly. The explanation was concise and clear. I'll recommend this to anyone with the need to charge by price. It's worth every sent and the support is just excellent! Thanks to the developers for a great product.
Reviews: 1
Congratulations with this wonderful extension. Mr. Giang helped me installing this extension, thanks for that! It's very easy to install and easy to work with. I can recommend this module to everyone!