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VirtueMart Dashboard Component

Now, the good old VM dashboard is published under GPL. Supports VM 2.0.x

Be on top of your VirtueMart Statistics, at a glance
VirtueMart Dashboard is the ultimate entry point for your store, providing you with immediate insights about the health and performance of your store.
Making use of Google Gadgets and of our proprietary GVStreamer technology, VM Dashboard is as much fun and easy to use as it is powerful.

With VirtueMart Dashboard, it doesn't take more than a glimpse to view your store's key performance metrics.

Great visualizations like charts, tables, maps and gauges will help you grasp - in one brief look - the main indicators of your store. But it doesn't end there: Analyze past performance, see how your orders stack up, locate your customers, and more!

VirtueMart Dashboard is "Manager-Friendly" and can be used by corporate officers and store's business managers for keeping them on top of the store's vital metrics

Drill down, alternate views, save to excel and other features
VirtueMart Dashboard provides these cool features to help you get answers easily and intuitively about your business:

* Filter by date - View data for any period you choose, by selecting start and end dates, or by selecting one of the preset filters: 'Today', 'Yesterday', 'Last week', 'Last month', 'Last 3 month', 'Last 6 month', 'Last year', 'All'.

* Intelligent visual design - Each piece of information is presented in the most effective way possible. By using the right chart or table, we ensure that data is best viewed and expressed.

* Alternate views - VirtueMart Dashboard allows you to view some of the data in more than one way, for example, you may view orders by country in an interactive world map, or you may switch to view the same data in a table.

* Sortable tables - All data tables can be sorted by any column. For example, you may sort the 'orders by country' table by total orders or by country.

* Drill down - Sometimes you may want to look deeper into the information displayed in the dashboard. Some of the views allow you to do just that, for example, each of the entries in the 'orders by status' table is a link that opens VirtueMart list of the orders in that status.

* Save to excel - Almost all of the views, even charts, allow you to save the underlaying data as a CSV file, for further offline analysis.

* Full customization - Add or remove views from the dashboard. Change the order of views for maximize efficiency.

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Reviews: 11
We bought Interamind Dashboard earlier this year for a medium sized e-commerce website that we upgrated from old VM1 to Virtuemart 2.0xx.

Our client appreciate the instant view it gives them on their sales / paiements / shipments. They also appreciate that Dashboard includes shipment cost as they needed it for accounting :-)

It stopped to work somewhere before the website went on production, but Nir from Interamind Support solved the issue in only a couple of days. Very nice by the way.
Reviews: 2
Installation was easy. I installed another component afterwards that created a conflict with this one. Their support team got back to me promptly with a working fix.

Over all, very satisfied.
Reviews: 4
Yes, as the others say.

Great support. I had a problem with some conflicts. They weer quick to answer and dedicated to getting it fixed!

It is now fixed and everything works!
Reviews: 5
Honestly Virtuemart requires this component to be a complete e commerce platform
From one screen a company owner has access to so many relevant statistics - its great

Also they can see, and be linked to the latest orders and shoppers which is a total bonus 8)

Beyond that i had a bunch of customization requests and the tech staff sorted out for mew on their own in a very fast and efficient manner

10 outta 10
definite buy 8)
Reviews: 2
We bought almost all extensions from Interamind. Reason for this is that not only their programs help us to have more sales, but when we buy something from them, they always have the best support to make it work anyway. This Virtuemart Dashboard gave us insight on which products we needed to focus on, and which ones are bestsellers. They even helped us with a problem for our payment system. Smart people!
Owner's reply

Thank you for this great review. We appreciate it a lot. The Interamind Team.

Reviews: 6
A long-time e-commerce Joomla user, I waited too long before getting this extension. The dashboard gave me clues as to how I can improve income trends for products. I needed a simple modification of a file to get it to work and the support was right there to help me with that. I only needed support because my products are listed as PENDING when they are actually CONFIRMED. This product also saves me time when calculating payments to product providers. I am glad I did it, well worth it!
Reviews: 2
This is a great component!

You can review your current orders, best sellers, monthly income, items customers have added to their waiting list and much more on a single page.

I had some questions and wanted some additional customization and the guys at InteraMind went above and beyond what was necessary.