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Virtuemart Synthetic Dashboard ModuleExtension Specific Addon

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VM Synthetic Dashboard (for Virtuemart2 and 3) is an administration module to be published at the cpanel module position. It will show on your Joomla adminsitration control panel a set of 6 tabs. First tab will show monthly statistics for your sales and orders with charts and tables (show as many months as you want starting from current month. Second tab lists latest received orders with order number, customer name, order status, order total price and order date. Third tab shows latest product reviews with review status (green or red for published or unbuplished), date, product name, review, rating and reviewer name. Fourth tab shows latest products with product status (green or red for published or unbuplished) product id, sku, price, product name and product category. Fifth Tab shows a list of latest shoppers, with user ID name, username. th nd last tab shows a RSS feed generator for your shop's latest products. Every lists in these tabs are displayed as tables, amount of rows is a module parameter. Every item is linked to its corresponding page in Virtuemart.

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Reviews: 4
This extension is one of the most useful extensions for VM. As soon as you go to the admin area, you quickly see at a glance the status of your shop, how many orders came in lately, how the sales figures changed over the last few months, etc.
Reviews: 4
This module looks great in the Control Panel. The graphs and statistics are easy to understand and provide a quick view into the shop's performance. It also gives you quick access to different areas of Virtuemart.
Reviews: 26
Makes it easy to see the most important statistics for your virtuemart store.
Reviews: 15
Works and looks great, however I miss some basic options to decide the order of the tabs shown or even hide some.

If we could show the latest orders first would be even better, I guess thats what most people will watch in a daily base.

Reviews: 6
Great module! I liked the way you did, by dividing the portion of sales and orders, thats a good idea.
Reviews: 5
Thank you for this extension. I had something similar in V1.5 and i was missing this from my new VM2.0 website.

Works great out of the box