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InteraMind Advanced Reports 3.0 - Better VirtueMart Reports, Direct To Your Inbox!

InteraMind Advanced Reports 3.0 for Virtuemart is the newest version of our extremely popular InteraMind Reports component.

Create detailed reports for many aspects of your store, view them online and download them as a CSV file you can open in Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice!

New in version 3.0:
* Support for VirtueMart 2.0.2+, and for Joomla 2.5 and 3.x !
* Additional reports, fields and filters

New in version 2.3
* AutoMail functionality lets you - or anyone you choose - receive detailed, customized reports directly to your email!
* Add any of your custom VM user fields to the Orders Report, with no code changes
* View product attributes as distinct columns in the report

This extension also features:

* Save your frequently used report settings for one-click access! You can save multiple settings per report.
* Bookmark your favorite reports and access them with a single click from your browser!
* Select time spans such as "Last Month", "Yesterday" and "This Year" to avoid manually selecting dates every time you run the report.
* Choose from multiple reports! InteraMind Reports for Virtuemart ships with several built-in reports:

1. The powerful and popular VirtueMart Simple Orders Report
2. Category report - slice your orders by product category
3. Vendor report - slice your orders by vendor
4. Simple Product Report - view a list of your current stock levels and prices for all your products
5. Abandoned cart report (VM 1.1 only)

InteraMind Reports requires a standard Joomla! 1.5, 2.5+, VirtueMart (1.1.3, 2.0.2 or higher) and PHP 5.
In less than a minute you can start producing professional CSV reports from your store admin.

VirtueMart reporting tool
VirtueMart reports
VirtueMart statistics

Report Extension




Reviews: 3
Needed the possibility to report right down on itemstatus. Bought the extension and found that it could not report on that level. I posted a supportticket and within 2 hours I got a reply and file that fixed my problem.
That is how it should be - great extension and great support!
Reviews: 2
I'm using several extensions from them ! All are working perfect.... And thanks for the greate support
Reviews: 40
Nice component, but if you like to use another language than English, you will have problem. There is not complete language file to translate. Very strange. From support they sent to me English, German and French to translate on my language but no complete.... So, if you like to spent 4 hours to search translate in php, good luck. This is message from support: I'm sorry, we don't have another language file other than something that I've sent you.
We don't use an English translation file, because the component is in English natively and so those strings need not be translated.
Owner's reply

Hi Pava, Thank you for the review and for using our component!
To clear up any misunderstandings, the component is fully translatable and has already been translated by our users to German, French and Portugese.
Since these are user translations, at times some new text might not be translated and show up in English on the component, and in this case it's easily translatable without needing to look at the code and see what key it is - the key is simply the english text itself (for example - "First name" is "COM_IMREPORTS_FIRST_NAME"). We believe this method makes it easier to translate because you see the strings in context, but it's a matter of taste.
Hopefully we can also work out the Czech translation together :)

Reviews: 3
I needed a better way to view all of my orders and was looking for a way to export them to an excel spreadsheet. This extension installed without problem and gave me exactly what I needed - now I can reconcile my accounts so much easier each month.

I also like the other reports, too - I am better able to see what products are out of stock and I like the abandon cart report.
Reviews: 1
I have never submitted an extension review before, I can HONESTLY say that I am blown away, by the quality of this extension, the affordability, and especially the support! I purchased this not knowing that the VM2 version hadn't been released. When i notified the developer it was completed a week later! Then we noticed my programmer hacked some of the VM2 code, and Guy didn't say 'that's not our problem'. NO, instead he requested access and FIXED it! 10 STARS, wouldn't be enough!! Thank You!
Reviews: 16
This extension is a very, very useful tool to get reports from VirtueMart data. It already has a lot of different kind of reports and it's quite easy to change settings according to needs.
On top of that, support is excellent: i had to customize one report, i asked for info, and in a really short time i got a ready-to-use solution.
Thank you guys!
Reviews: 1
Cannot begin to explain how much easier my job has become since purchasing InteraMind 360 Suite For VirtueMart Reporting. Not only is the product wonderful but the developers are even better. Guy has worked tirelessly to make sure our product is exactly what we needed. Definitely 5 Stars!
Reviews: 2
The extensions is really useful and it works like a charm. I recommend it to every single VM user!

I needed to do some modifying in pending orders report and I got the best support in the world by Interamind support team. THANK YOU!!!!!
Reviews: 1
Really excellent component. Really with it will save time, more accurate … and much more. Don’t miss it, it is highly recommended plus the support is really great!
They help me more than expected. Thank you
Reviews: 6
I use the reports to calculate sales of units to different suppliers. It saves me a lot of time and is accurate. I recently started using interamind's virtue mart advanced analytics and reports, the dashboard component and interamind reports. All have worked well and help to identify where my customers are coming from and help to track purchases and expenses. Especially important to me is that I can track which state or country the purchase is from.
Reviews: 1
We were looking for some professional Reporting Tool for Virtue Mart that could be able to customize reporting field. This component was exactly what we were looking for. And we ended up buying the Whole Marketing and Reporting Suite to make the most out of our online store.
Reviews: 2
To my knowledge there is no product that does what this one does. Alongwith the other products that Interamind offers. And so I bought their entire package at a discount. Installed and works right out of the box. Really amazing.
When I asked them for another add-on they gave it to me free of cost. I think its quite nice of them and that was another reason why I had to write this review.
I am a web developer and with e-commerce getting big it has become essential for me to offer my clients data reports. I paid for this extension and am going to offer it to my clients as an add-on feature without charging them.
I have installed this on 1 site and the client is very impressed with the result. I made a presentation to another client and I clinched the deal. Reporting is as essential as anything else for any business.
Reviews: 1
Very easy to install nice selection of options, worth the money for any trading virtuemart based site!
Reviews: 4
I've been using this component for a few month now and think its a really powerful tool. I was a little disappointed when I learned that there was no easy way to add custom reports, but with a little PHP and SQL knowledge I've made it work and can now create a report for everything I can create a SQL statement for. Cool!
Reviews: 1
I'm using the Interamind Virtuemart package on a couple e-commerce sites so far, and it's an essential addon to Virtuemart in my opinion. Particularly impressive was their support. They stuck with a particularly nasty and time-consuming bug I was stuck on with the stats on my installs (which turned out to be PhocaPDF and not VM Stats!!!) and I have to say you just never see support like this anymore. Thanks much guys-- I'm sure I'll be purchasing from you in the future!!!
Reviews: 1
Easy, customizable and friendly to use. Also the support is great, they help me in creating a personal report for free. 5 stars!
Reviews: 8
I operate a company listed on the JED and know what it takes to provide support and a good product. This company does both. I have been a client for over 1 year and have been very satisfied.

The product is easy to install and works as described. I highly recommend this product if you sell online.

Our company does.
Reviews: 9
I have been using this for a while now, and I love it!!! I has only gotten better and you will all see soon why. After talking with the support team about some options I needed they very promptly, as in the next day, made some great changes for me. All these new features will basically let me report my sales to partner companys with no effort on my part, not even a mouse click. Talk about awesome! I used to spend a lot of my valuable time counting up my sales and putting them in the excel to Email them for my reports....No longer! I just sit back and enjoy my day while my store pretty much minds it self. Thank you very much to the Support team at Interamind!
Reviews: 4
Wow! All of the facts we knew were in VirtueMart but couldn't get to without some serious SQL/PHP effort. Nicely presented and easy to use.
Reviews: 1
My client was looking for a simple tax report for her Virtuemart site. I could have coded one for her, but then I found this little nifty program. At first it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. While it did contain a tax report, it didn't have a tally for that column, so my client would need to export it out to CSV and tally it in Excel. Not hard, but not nearly as easy as it would be to have the tally in the program. I emailed the developer and a day later he packaged up the new version with my tax tally. They responded to all my requests in a timely manner. Overall I am very happy with the component and the customer service.
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