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Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart Plugin

Many Virtuemart developers would like to let their shoppers to upload images or any type of files into the product detail pages or different products before adding each of them into cart. We’ve developed an order upload plugin for Virtuemart 2x.x.x.

• Use custom Virtuemart fields to choose which products can upload orders and not.
• After uploading files into products and adding them into cart, customers can check out at the same time
• Images/ files are managed inside Virtuemart Order Management admin, and you will know which uploaded items belong to products for the same order/ same buyer.
• No core hack into Virtuemart
• This plugin is compatible with the latest Virtuemart versions
• Shopper doesn’t need to login the site to upload files into their orders

This plugin binds the upload function in the checkout page, so buying this package; you will have a complete solution for Virtuemart order upload.

Font End:

o Shopper can upload files into their order in checkout steps and the files will be sent to admin/ owners of Virtuemart.
o Upload multiple files at the same time with Ajax effects, no need to refresh the order pages Shopper can CANCEL the upload process any time, especially when there is problem ( ex: the file’s too heavy).
o Shopper can choose to DELETE any file or delete all files uploaded at one click.
o Images files will be created with thumbnails automatically
o The check out process is still the same, no changes will happen
o Shopper can add comments into the standard Virtuemart order comment form

Back End:

• Admin can download files from each order management
• Configure number of files to be uploaded
• Configure maximize file size to be uploaded
• Choose which file to be uploaded
• The plugin is commercial and compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.x.x.
• Just install like normal Joomla plugin


VERSION 2.7.0 - Updated on 27th August, 2014

# Fix error that can’t create folder to save image in admin order.
# Fix error that can’t save custom fields.
# Fix issue that can’t upload gif image with high capacity
# Fix issue loading but not display image
# Fix CSS when uploading 2 products have big distance
# Fix error of file upload configuration
# Fix issue of maximum amount in shopping cart and backend
# Show notification of maximum capacity to upload file for users
# Fix issue: configuring file size in each product not exactly
# Fix issue of wrong maximum file size
# Fix bug: Maximum file size in backend but can’t upload on frontend

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Reviews: 1
The plugin works perfectly and support helps you in case of problems.
Would recommend without hesitate
Owner's reply

Hi Cedric M,

Thanks for your great comment of Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart from CMSmart. We really appreciate and hope to see you more. Thanks again!


Reviews: 2
We have purchased and are using this extension with great success.
We need some changes in our website and we cmsmart professionals are solving problems.
Excellent support service.
Owner's reply

Hi naturaprint,

Thanks for your great comment of Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart from CMSmart. We will keep up this good work for more nice extension so hoping that you will stay updated with us in future. Thanks a gain!


Reviews: 1
If you have a website where you need your customers to customize products ... this is your extension.

It works great and the support is very good.
Owner's reply

Hi uzkiaga,

Thanks for your approval of Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart from CMSmart. It's really nice to hear that it works well on your site. We will keep up this good work for more nice extension in the future. Thanks a gain!


Reviews: 8
I'm creating a website which is offering my customer with the availability to select which printing package suits best and then be able to upload/attach their own design together with the printing package I'm offering. I found out that this plug-in does suit best for what I'm trying to achieve.

For those who are looking for the same services as what I'm doing with my website, I highly recommend this plug-in.

A few hickup at the beginning on making it works at first due to some restrain on the template part but the support I received are very supportive and helpful. They managed to sort out my issue with short of period only. Good Job.
Owner's reply

Hi Azamkl,

Thanks for your approval of Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart from CMSmart. This is always one of our best sellers and even included especially for our printing theme. It's good to hear that it work well on your site. We will keep up this good work for more nice extension in the future. See you soon. Thanks a gain.


Reviews: 3
We use this for a website that allows people to attach images to products as they add decoration to uniforms, makes it very easy for the customer to provide us the files and for us to have these come through with the orders.
Owner's reply

Hi EmmaB,

Thanks for your approval. This Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart is specialized on customized orders. We're glad to hear that the extension suits your need. Hope to see you more in the future with more products from us


Reviews: 2
Very slow to respond, but attendance is good. The plugin has an incomplete and irregular display, you have to play it a lot, is not multilingual, for large files (> 4Mb) record well, but generally works well. Recommended if you know Joomla, css, etc ...
Owner's reply

Hi Luiselbarbas,

Thanks for your feedback on the Virtuemart order upload plugin. We will update language function and others in the future to bring you the better extension.Hope that you still come back to us for more purchase. Thanks again


Reviews: 1
I have used this on three sites and it is a great extension. I had a problem with one of my sites and the developers at cmsmart went above and beyond to help resolve the issue. I highly recommend them.
Owner's reply

Hi Cmcompto,
It's good to hear that the Virtuemart Order upload plugin can work well on your site regardless of some problems. We also thanks for your compliment on support team. We always do our best to bring you more good works. Hope to see your return.

Best regard,

Reviews: 9
Using this extension for a site that provides a wide range of customised printed and embroidered products, and needed a plugin for users to upload artwork and other files to accompany their order.

We're using the in-cart option so that users can only upload files once they are registered.

Installation was totally straightforward, and it looked good and worked exactly as it should straight out of the box and without any fuss.

Uploads go to a customer specific directory on the server, and are accessible to the store administrator directly from the customer order page.

I wish all extensions installed and worked as well as this!
Owner's reply

Dear Jeremy,
The Order Upload plugin for Virtuemart is really working on your site very well. We are very proud of your compliments to encourage other users to try it on Joomla. We're welcome you back to find any other Joomla Virtuemart modules, plugins, components to develop your ecommerce shop(s) at favorable prices and dedicated support at cmsmart.