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Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart Plugin

Latest updates:

Many Virtuemart developers would like to let their shoppers to upload images or any type of files into the product detail pages or different products before adding each of them into cart. We’ve developed an order upload plugin for Virtuemart 2x.x.x.

• Use custom Virtuemart fields to choose which products can upload orders and not.
• After uploading files into products and adding them into cart, customers can check out at the same time
• Images/ files are managed inside Virtuemart Order Management admin, and you will know which uploaded items belong to products for the same order/ same buyer.
• No core hack into Virtuemart
• This plugin is compatible with the latest Virtuemart versions
• Shopper doesn’t need to login the site to upload files into their orders

This plugin binds the upload function in the checkout page, so buying this package; you will have a complete solution for Virtuemart order upload.

Font End:

o Shopper can upload files into their order in checkout steps and the files will be sent to admin/ owners of Virtuemart.
o Upload multiple files at the same time with Ajax effects, no need to refresh the order pages Shopper can CANCEL the upload process any time, especially when there is problem ( ex: the file’s too heavy).
o Shopper can choose to DELETE any file or delete all files uploaded at one click.
o Images files will be created with thumbnails automatically
o The check out process is still the same, no changes will happen
o Shopper can add comments into the standard Virtuemart order comment form

Back End:

• Admin can download files from each order management
• Configure number of files to be uploaded
• Configure maximize file size to be uploaded
• Choose which file to be uploaded
• The plugin is commercial and compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.x.x.
• Just install like normal Joomla plugin


Please come to:

Step 1: Please login as a register member: usename: register pass: 123456
Step 2: add any product into your cart
Step 3: come to cart and check out
Step 4: you will see the upload button at the end of cart

If you want to customize the plugin to fit your style, please send email to

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