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Recaptcha for Zoo PluginExtension Specific Addon

This plugin will add a ReCatcha to all Zoo 2.4 comment forms. You can also change the look of the ReCaptcha, just select one of four different themes.

Configuration is easy, just enable the plugin from Menu -> Extensions -> Plugin Manager and enter your public and private key that you received from ReCaptcha (see also use reCAPTCHA on your site)

You can also choose a theme from the dropdown list.

And don't forget to enable the plugin.

This plugin is not compatible with Zoo 2.3.

Please see also a demo at (scroll to the bottom):

If you need a ReCaptcha for submissions, please download our ReCaptcha element for Zoo. Here is a demo

Version history:

- Added option to enable ReCaptcha for guest users only

- Zoo 2.4 version, not compatible anymore with Zoo 2.3

- Fixed: "click on reply" works only in Firefox 4, IE and Chrome, but not Firefox 3 ("white page displayed")

- Joomla 1.6 compatible
- removed beta status

1.0 beta
- released first version for Zoo 2.3

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Reviews: 2
This extension works very easily. And, the support is amazing. I had a problem because I didn't understand how the reCaptcha keys work with the URL. I contacted support and they responded almost immediately. I had to go back and forth with them over two days, and they were always quick to reply -- many times within minutes. I have to stress that the problem was mine. If I didn't have the misunderstanding, the extension would have been working in minutes.
Reviews: 5
Thank you for providing and maintaining this extension. I wish it were a part of ZOO itself. This one is a no brainer. Download. Install. Enable. Enter reCAPTCHA code and it works. Sweet! I just used on on ZOO 2.4.6.