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ZOOmailing PluginExtension Specific Addon

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Deliver your content with AcyMailing.

ZOOmailing takes your Joomla ZOO app and AcyMailing and gives you the most powerful way to get your ZOO content to users by email.

To give you the best email integration with ZOO possible we have created a ZOO AcyMailing extension. AcyMailing provides one of the most powerful mailing solutions for Joomla. When combined with the power of ZOO (and a few ZOOlanders pro elements) you can create an amazing email contact or marketing solution for your web site.

ZOOmailing gives you the ability to manually insert content into any AcyMailing newsletter; however, you can also use the ZOOmailing integration with AcyMailing's campaign functionality (in their commercial versions) to completely automate the delivery of your ZOO content to your web site visitors, subscribers, or customers.

You can get started with just the ZOOmailing extension and the free AcyMailing package (and ZOO of course), and when you're ready to build your communications system to true power you can add other ZOOlanders elements (like Related Items Pro or Downloads Pro) and AcyMailing Enterprise for some serious marketing potential.

*Set Newsletter content with ZOO
*AcyMailing Tag system
*Import on Preview or sending
*Item, Categories, Tags filtering
*Cross App content

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Reviews: 2
Been using this for over a year. Before this it would take literally hours of boring work to send out a newsletter with ZOO content. So I almost never did it. Now, it takes about ...1 minute and I have a regular newsletter schedule. I just create a newsletter in AcyMailing then select the ZOOmailing tag for my most recent article, ZOOmailing does the rest and adds the article to my newsletter.
I do with there was more control and customization options so it would look less boilerplate template-ish but I'm still happy. Totally didn't know they don't charge for non-profit sites because I just renewed. doh.
Reviews: 13
The ZOO component is currently free, although there are numerous apps available that can be purchased as a seperate package.

The zoolander plugins and components are expensive addons and / or bridges between zoo and other third party components. For this particular product the 6 month support fee, over the course of a year, will cost more than the subscription to acymailing and zoo (which is free).

From my POV the zoolander pricing policy makes their extensions a no go. If the support subscription was for a year then maybe on one or two. But these prices just seem well above average for what are often fairly trivial enhancements to comprehensive products.

I understand that we all have a right to set our own prices, but I'd genuinely hate to see this type of pricing become standard practice off the back of an OS product.
Owner's reply

Hi, i'm sorry that you feel that our prices are too high.

We always strive for lowering them as much as possible, since we want to reach the broadest audience and let as many people as possible use them.

We need to balance our expenses though, and 39€ for making sure that we answer support tickets in a timely manner (we are proud to say that we answer within 12 hours to the ticket, and our customers are always VERY happy with our support, like the customer who left the previous review), and to do that, we need to have a professional staff that deals with it.

Moreover, if you use our products in a no-profit website, we offer our products for free, so people that have no gaining from their websites do not have to spend money to buy our extensions.

If you use our extension to built either a company website or a website for a client, we feel the the prices we put there are the right one to allow us to support you during the development of the site in the fastest and best way we can manage.

Hope to have explained our POV on the price policy

Best Regards

Reviews: 14
This is a very needed bridge between 2 excellent components, Zoo CCK and AcyMailing. I find Zoo an extremely versatile solution for creating content, without having to be a programmer, I am very happy with AcyMailing, so this bridge makes the best newsletter solution available.

The plugin also allows for different layouts, in the eays-to-make zoo-way.

I have tested it for 2 big newsletters already, and both plugin and support is excellent.