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Super Links for ZOO Extension Specific Addon

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★ With Super links you can easily add some nice styles to your ZOO links. You have full control of the buttons icons, link, title and like the core link element, you can decide if the link must open in a new window or not and also set the rel for the link. There are currently 3 Button Shapes for each button and two colours for each button.

You can choose if the element is repeatable or not. All you have to do is add the URL you want to links to, add the button class; eg btn warn , and save.

It works in the same way as the Core ZOO link element, so it will not make coffee, walk the dog etc ... and supports the Joomla Access Control Layer .

The actual buttons are pure CSS3 . The buttons make use of the latest CSS3 and degrade gracefully in older browsers like IE7 and the icons are composed of a single image sprite to reduce requests to the browser and speed up page load. More buttons will be added in future, keeping functionality in mind off course. If you have a suggestion for more functional buttons, let us know through our Support Channels.

Note if upgrading from version 1.5.4 : All CSS files have been optimised and combined in 1. For the Color buttons the class has chnaged from .button to .btn ;eg;
large blue button download will now be written as: large blue btn download .

***Compatible with ZOO 2.4.9*** Ask if you are not sure if it supports your ZOO Version.

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Reviews: 7
I wish I had found this years ago!!!
Great support!!
Reviews: 14
This is great. Makes me able to create custom links with predefined styling in Zoo, instead of e.g. the default itemlink, which is very useful!

You actually don't know how useful it is before you have it :-)
Owner's reply

Thanks for taking the time to make a Review. It is appreciated. If you have any ideas to enhance the Element, feel free to discuss them via a Ticket or Feedback form.