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ZOOlingual PluginExtension Specific Addon

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The only native ZOO multilanguage system.

ZOOlingual makes your Joomla ZOO app multi-lingual without adding additional complex language management.

If you love ZOO but miss the multi-lingual functionality of Joomla .. now you have one more reason to love ZOOlanders. ZOOlingual allows you to translate your zoo contents into multiple languages - with an easy-to-use, ZOO interface.

Instead of using JoomFish the ZOOlingual extension allows you to add multiple elements right in the ZOO configuration area - all without loosing JoomFish, Falang or native Joomla! switcher compatibility.

If you want to see how easy is to use it, take a look at the Video:

*Set languages for each element
*Translate Items & Categories
*Translate Item Alias
*Translate Slug & Metadata in Item and Categories
*Translate Submissions
*Translate directly from ZOO
*JoomFish compatibility
*WidgetKit compatibility

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Reviews: 1
Every single thing of this extension is perfect. Works great, super useful, excellent and super fast support! A must have!
Reviews: 9
Zoo is one of the best CCK for Joomla, thanks to its power and thanks to Zoolingual. No Zoolingual Zoo is limited to monolingual websites. Zoolingual solves this problem in an elegant and easy for the user.
Reviews: 18
I put 5 stars, Excellent component and excellent service, I had a problem, Miljan resolved the issue in a very quick way. If you use zoo component don't hesitate to buy any of those excellent products.
Reviews: 5
This is a must extension for all the people with multilingual ZOO sites. Easy to use and very efficeint.
But, also, it has an excellent support if you have any trouble.
Highly recommended.
Reviews: 4
For those that know the power of Zoo - if you have a need for a multilingual site this is extension is an ABSOLUTE must. Well worth the price of this extremely efficient extension. Easy to install, easy to use and best of all easy for clients to use this made life a breeze. Further their customer service shows an excellence and speed of true professionals. Bravo to the team at Zoolanders.
Reviews: 3
This extension is highly recommended if you want to build a multilingual website with the ZOO CCK. It's easy to configure and integrates well with the native Joomla 2.5 multilanguage system. The support is very good, and also in Spanish. The price it's correct if you consider the benefits.
Reviews: 2
I wish Joomla! would handle translation in the same way Zoolingual does it. Translating items into different languages is - once setup correctly - really userfriendly for editors. The translation for all languages is done within each item. Perhaps some autoclosed panels would be useful in sites that have many different languages.
Eventhough it does take some time to figure out how to set it up, once that's done, it's a really useful and easy to use tool.
Owner's reply

We just released ZOOtools, a free extension that has a folding feature. Perfect to organize better all those multi-elements :)

Reviews: 1
I tried a lot of hacks to make ZOO work with JoomFish, but none of them really worked. Then I discovered ZOOLingual, a great option for multilingual ZOO based sites. Easy to setup, and it works perfectly!