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Super Images PRO for ZOO Extension Specific Addon

★ Announcing another cool ZOO Element to add some flair to Images in your ZOO Items. The Element makes it super easy to add some nice Hover/Sliding boxes with Captions over your images.

There are currently 5 different hover/slide effects that fade or slide in over your images and show the Image Captions. Using the Element is simple, see the screenshot below. The Element also has the same behaviour and features as the Core Image Element too. You can upload an image or use one that already exists in your ZOO enviroment .

Installation is via the Joomla Installer for you convenience .

You can make use of any CSS class that already exists in your template framework, like we did with the class in our Demo . The jQuery script that does its magic weighs less thatn 2kb and has been optimised, we also don't load jQuery because it uses jQuery that is already loaded by ZOO.

***Compatible with ZOO 2.4.9*** Ask if you are not sure if it supports your ZOO Version.

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