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ZOOorder ModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

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ZOO items sorting from the front-end!

ZOOorder allows you to sort your Joomla ZOO items based on any element of your item's type.

Add this ZOOlanders extension to your ZOO app and allow your users to choose if they want to order by name, release date, price, category or ANY element within your app type. You can use core elements or any custom element that can be added to a layout. All the configuration is easily done within the ZOO extension layouts area making it a simple addition to your existing ZOO app.
Need to create a custom order for display to your users but don't want them to change it? With ZOOorder you can easily create set orders for your apps and add them to a menu option in Joomla.

*Order by Core Elements
*Order by Custom Elements
*Date ordering
*Alphabetical Ordering
*Numeric Ordering
*Configuration through ZOO layouts
*No hacks involved

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Reviews: 8
The sorting will only display 3 pages of results when there should be several. Hence the need for sorting. Their support is seriously lacking. After submitting a ticket and still waiting 2 weeks without an initial response. The install is easy to follow with the instructions. The setup fairly easy with ZOO customizing knowledge. If you only need 3 pages of results this is the extension for you. I am a Joomla Expert with over 10 years of web development & database experience.
Owner's reply

Sorry to hear that. We haved some problems with support that are now solved, seems you were affected.

The new ZOOorder 2.5 version is ussing the ZOO native ordering feature, if you or anybody is still experiencing issues, please report them creating a Ticket Support.

ZOOlanders Team