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Zoo Item Wall ModuleExtension Specific Addon

Set your Zoo-based content free! The Zoo Items Wall will display Zoo content arranged in rows, columns or grids with optional visual effects!

Set a selection criteria and display results choosing from five preinstalled templates or create your own using any combination of HTML/CSS code and placeholder tags including avatar images from 3rd-party extensions such as Community Builder, JomSocial, IDoBlog, My Blog, Fireboard, Kunena, and K2

Custom layout templates can contain any bit of content information such as text, author, related items, videos, teaser images, category names, links and much more using simple placeholder tags. Add custom special effects for sliding or fading pages, scroll, popups, tooltips and more!

This module requires CSS and HTML knowledge for custom layout designs.


5 preinstalled templates

1 reference template

34 Information placeholder tags

Supports 3rd-party Avatars

Custom HTML, CSS and content plugin support

Support for unlimited layouts

Supports multiple module copies

Joomla! compatible Moo animation effects

Administrator-defined selection criteria

8 Sort options

Custom date formats, avatar sizes

42 button sets included

Easy color adjustments with colorpicker controls

2012/04/30 Version 1.4.0

Many new features:

* Improved compatibility

* Increased number of placeholder tags to 34

* Added support for multiple custom fields

* Improved video rendering

* Support for multiple Zoo applications

Change Log:

2012/04/30 Version 1.4.0

* Added new parameter to select the Zoo app to use
* Added new tags
* Improved compatibility with Zoo 2.5 versions

2012/09/09 Joomla 2.5 Version 1.5.0

* Added 40 new Button sets
* Added New Button Preview and Pop Up Button Selector

2012/11/21 Joomla 3.0 Version

* Updated Module to work with Joomla 3.0 and Zoo 3.0
* Added 30 New CSS 3 Demo templates

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Reviews: 5
I bought this module thinking it would allow me to show Zoo content in 2 columns in a module. Unfortunately, although there is a box to enter the number of columns you want, it doesn't then use Zoo's layout information and you then have to build all the content by hand using HTML and CSS.

In order to use this module you need to spend a lot of time re-coding the Zoo layout and for me this is just not worth the time, my client certainly wont pay for me to re-create the original Zoo content layout again.

I asked for help through the JoomlaXTC ticket system but they will not do the coding for you (which I understand) but it would be nice to know beforehand that this is not a module which provides a nice solution to getting Zoo content into columns.
Reviews: 1
This app is fantastic! It releases the constraints around Zoo items and allows for a very slick and dynamic Zoo powered website.

My scenario: I run an event guide, I want to show reoccurring/weekly events on the front page. The native Zoo modules don't allow me to do that and every other solution involved me messing with custom html modules and unpublishing/publishing modules at certain times. Basically it was horrible and I was stuck...

Enter Zoo Item Wall. With this extension I can create walls and views of any of my item categories. Either Random or orderly columns of weekly events or something a little more slick to appear on the front page.

Now I wasn't going to buy this extension. Just look at the reviews below mine. But on closer inspection I realised that most of these gripes were about the complexity of the extension and not the extension itself.

So yes, the extension is a little complex. Look at the demo site: They give something like 16 different examples - 16! Some a little ridiculous. But at least half of these customizations have the power to turn your website into something amazing.

Besides it's complex in the way Joomla is more complex than Wordpress - i.e. not really once you spend some time on it.

Another suggestion is for the guys at joomlaxtc is to update the demos. Some of them look very 90's Internet. Of course the css is customizable so this means nothing but the dull font in the Zoo Items Wall Pop up demo, for example, fails to do justice to how this extension can make your zoo items look.

So anyway, if you want an extension that opens up your Zoo items and categories and gives your website some enterprise level management and dispaly of website content then get this app.
Reviews: 6
I have been a subscriber to Joomla XTC for years and they make amazing extensions so I really cannot understand why this extension has been released by them!? it simply does not work upon initial install. There is very little in the way of documentation. I did not have time to wait for support tickets so had to find an alternative.

There is no working demo of it which is worrying also as there is simply no reference to a working version of this module anywhere:( what's the point of it at all!?

I really don’t understand why it exists at all in it’s present form. Really disappointed by a company that have such good work released.
Owner's reply

You created the ticket today on Tue, 17 Apr 2012, 03:58 - We get many tickets each day and our support handles on a first come first serve basis. Please note your ticket has been transferred to our extension support and someone will be with you within the next 24 hours.




Reviews: 5
I just purchased this and buyer beware. Listen to the previous reviewers. When installed an published it ends up crashing my website and produces a fatal error. This should not even be sold it's not worth it SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!. This module needs a lot more work.
Owner's reply

Hello, you probably have an outdated version of Zoo installed, please make sure you have the latest and download the extension again from us to get the latest module version as well.

If you are still experiencing problems, please open a support ticket on our site, we have lots of happy customers using our product and we want you to be one of them.

Reviews: 7
Directions are confusing (note, they don't have a demo listed for it on their site, the link here works though), and even configuring it exactly like it's shown on the demo doesn't work. Like the last reviewer said, looks promising, needs work.

Even when you buy more than one of their extensions, their support system is a joke. Never once had a ticket answered.

Don't waste your money.
Owner's reply

If you got a ticket unanswered, please report the number to for review and correction of errors on our part.

Thank you.

Reviews: 1
this module on the joomlaxtc website is very promising, i bought some hour ago but form me don't works... I'm sure something wrong in the configuration but it is very hard to use.
Owner's reply

Please create a support ticket or dead the full documentaion