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AuthorLink Element for Zoo Extension Specific Addon

The AuthorLink element displays a link to a user profile with an avatar.

The following integration: AlphaUserPoints, EasySocial, JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, ZOO and Joomla.

Configuration is easy. You can edit the display style in CSS.
1. Select type of profile
2. Select display style: vertical, horizontal
3. The choice of display name or username
4. The choice of display avatar
5. Semantic mark-up (

NOTE: AuthorLink Element is part of ZOOauthor ( - profile system of users based on the ZOO.

+ Added EasySocial integration
+ Added semantic mark-up

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Reviews: 3
now zoo is completed by this great element, i really love it and is very useful to me.
the link to jomsocial profile works but it can't get the avatar form jomsocial! i checked the codes and everything seems to be correct, but it doesn't show jomsocial avatar!
Owner's reply

Thanks, possible it bug with JomSocial 3.1. It will be fixed with next version. Comming soon.

Reviews: 2
Very good and useful extension. I'm happy to use it!
Reviews: 1
Saved me from hacking my core files.

Installed in Joomla 2.5 and Jomsocial 2.6
Reviews: 4
Finally, a developer who offers all his knowledge for free, which is very rare in today's day. This element works very well. Thank you.
Reviews: 1
Been working with this for a couple of weeks now and almost forgot about it as it blends in so well with the core zoo stuff. Can link to joomla profile or CB profile and many more besides.

Great job... this just works and best of all it's free. Good for you sir!
Reviews: 6
This really helps my site. It gives me the ability to integrate Jomsocial and Zoo, which means I can build any app I want for me social network. Installation was quick and it worked effortlessly. A little CSS and I am all set... Thank you for this extension.
Reviews: 17
I will just mention one thing before I write my review, I am not related to the developer in any way and just a fully satisfied customer who wants to add a compliment for his supplier, in fact, I cannot say supplier because I did not pay anything for this item but if it was to pay for it, I would have done it with great pleasure.

I downloaded this extension on Thursday 26th of April 2012 and install it immediately on a website that we are currently developing for our own company, after installation, done necessary configuration and activate it, I notice a small display bug with the extension, I immediately went to the developer website and send him a message through his website contact form, note that most joomla developers do not have contact form on their websites but only discussion forum and ticket system, so, I sent the message and went to bed.

In the morning when I wake up, just check my email as usual, there was already an answer from the developer giving me his Skype name and asked me to add him to Skype to discuss furthermore about my issue, which I did.

To my surprise, he was online and accept my invitation immediately and asked me to explain him exactly what was the issue, I give him all necessary details including our temporally website link and he visits the website link immediately.

Not only that he locate the issue but also locate another issue that I did not found myself, a SEO link issue that he told me about and told me to get back to Skype in the afternoon and that he will send me an updated file with the errors corrected.

When I login to my Skype in the afternoon, he was already online and without the need to send him a chat, he himself send me a chat and send me the updated files, when I install it, all errors were gone and plugin was working perfectly!

Even though it's a non-commercial plugin, the plugin itself has the necessary power and design of a commercial plugin and the support is even better than many other commercial developers support, I know what I am talking about because I am still waiting for an updated version of a buggy commercial extension that I purchase the same date as mention above.

Once again, thank you very much for your very good work and support Rem-Tzeu, I will definitely say that you are the best and definitely recommend your products and services to all others around.
Reviews: 2
Excellent work mate! Its something that was missing!