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Super Contact for ZOO Extension Specific Addon

★ Announcing the much anticipated Super Contact for ZOO, Element. Supports ZOO 2.4 and ZOO 2.5 Stable . The element allows you to place a Call to Action button in your ZOO Items. When a visitor clicks on the button, a sleek popup opens with a nice overlay and presents the visitor with a Form. The element loads the jQuery already included in the ZOO libraries.

Choice of 10 Button Colors for the forms Call to Action button. All you have to do it add the color in the parameter at item level, green, blue, yellow, breen, magenta, red, orange, grey, white, black .

★ You can now use multiple instances on the Same Page each, form can have it's own Recipient email Address, Button Color, Form Title, Button Text etc ... All form will share the same success message when the form is submitted.

Option to set a custom Title for Super Contact on individual items at Item Level, so if you have a Directory listing as an example, you could have "Tom's Tailors" have their form with title "Tom's Tailors" and "Harry's Hardware" have their own title on their form.

Added a Telephone field that is not required to be filled in for the form to be submitted. It is optional so the visitor can decide whether to fill in it or not.

Added option to set the PopUps width, to accommodate the longer Placeholder words that occur with some translations. I do not recommend going over 400px.

The form makes use of advanced form validation and submitted data in the forms is protected by masking techniques for added security. It is possible to have customised forms per ZOO Item with regard to the Form Heading, Recipients email address, Text in the Call to Action button, Text Fields etc ...

The Forms data fields are all fully customisable in so far as the language and language style is concerned and this can also be set in the Elements parameter settings. This gives you more freedom than being locked down to a language file. The form also automatically inserts the ZOO Item's Title as the Email Subject, so the recipient know exactly where it originates from. There is an option to enable or disable the email footer that the recipient receives, this email footer captures the Browser, OS, IP, and originating link of the form, amongst others.

You could have say a ZOO Business directory and allow each business listed to have their own Contact Form, or a Blog App where each Author could have a Contact form or even on Items in a Product Catalogue where each item could have a Contact or Feedback form.

Super Contact is built around a Spam Free Form validation and submission process, added to this is the fact that the form is invisible to Spam Bots, so it eliminates automatic form submissions from your website. The form does not require and form of Captcha so if you need Captcha, this is not a solution for you. We have done extensive research and testing on Usability and Accessibility and this is the result of that study .
Please ask questions prior to subscriptions.

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Reviews: 2
SuperContact for Zoo was a perfect small extension for Zoo to get directly contat to user in context of an Zoo Item!
Reviews: 5
I wanted users to be able to contact straight with the companies listed on my website.
Installed and working like charm.
Great element and support.
Thank you Mustaq!
Reviews: 9
Mustaq you are the Man! I have implemented this on two sites now. It works like it's supposed to. People are using it! Holy Cow.. Three new REAL prospects in the first month I had it up. Easy to configure. On my second site I got client comments ten days after Google indexed the site. If you are not poking around Mustaq's website and you are using ZOO... You are missing a some real quality widgets that can take you to a whole new level.
Reviews: 1
Dear Readers

OK do you have your zoo maximised, well here is the supercontact for ZOO, yes this is the best element & joomla module for ZOO. now you can get your business directory working in the best way and offer contact forms to each business.

we are using this on the businessinyourcity project and will have this in use on all our other 25 business directory websites.

Thanks To Mustaq we have someone who knows what he is doing and also offers you great support

AAAA++++ rating for this element.

thank you
chris van twisk
ceo of www(.)businessinyourticy(.)com