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Advanced Search through your ZOO.

Give your Joomla ZOO app users advanced searches and filtering based on any data that is an element's values with ZOOfilter.

You determine the elements that your users will be able to include in the search and you can control how the results are rendered - all using standard ZOO extension layouts. You aren't limited to the number of filter elements that you include, even core elements. And you can also search with ranges! You can choose to search from, to, between or even outside a given range!

If you don't want your users to have control over the filter and searching but just want to present your ZOO items filtered in a specific way you can do that too.

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Reviews: 2
I used to create a search function to find businesses in the ZOO business directory. It worked flawlessly and took me about 10 mins to set the filter parameters.
Reviews: 6
Just as the other extensions from Zoolander this is great to use. Very flexible and in combination with Zoo results and Zoo Order unlimited possibilities.
Good and quick support.
Reviews: 5
This is a must have extension for ZOO! Give users the possibility to filter items the way they want.
But the best thing for Zoolanders is their support! Answered and solved within few hours or minutes.
Thank you!
Reviews: 2
Thank you!!! Excellent support. All questions answered within hours, even those not actually directly related to this module. Very open to new customer requests. Any website that uses ZOO as a basis, and requires a proper search facility.. Use this module.. From all at Link Industry.. Thank you!!
Reviews: 2
great product for zoo!and i thank the guys in zoolanders for their support.Any problem that i might had with their extensions, the answered back very fast and helped me go through with it!a must filter engine for zoo!
Reviews: 2
I started using this extension in January 2012. I've used it on many sites without issues. Most recently I ran into an issue on a more complex app. I contacted them, and within a few minutes I got a response. After a little exploration I was provided with a solution for my issue. They have gone over and beyond my expectations to ensuring that I was successful with that project.
Reviews: 8
I've been using ZOO Filter for more than a year now and so far I've been very happy with both the product and the support. As a webdesigner I used ZOO a lot but sometimes you just need that little extra when it comes to filtering and searching on the front-end.

Even though there is little information on the site itself (it made me hesitate to buy the product at first) the documentation is clear.
The support you get is superb. They even added new features on request.

If you follow the documentation you can easily add extensive filter/search methods to your ZOO site. You can set search filters on all kinds of fields which makes it a perfect tool for product catalogues or recipe sites.

Because you can filter on any field you want with ZOOFilter, you don't have to put all the filterable fields in the ZOO Category field anylonger.
This also makes your life as a webmaster easier when adding new ZOO items via the back-end (no longer scrolling in that long list of categories for selecting all items in different subcategories!).

I can personally recommend this extension to any ZOO user.
Reviews: 2
Good Project to extend the Zoo CCK component.
Reviews: 2
I had used the this tool before on Zoo 2.4 and it works great. Nice way to provide the visitor with better ways to filter and search through Zoo items.
Directly after the release of Zoo 2.5 Zoolanders issued a beta version of their filter, which had some minor issues.
They showed to have very customer friendly support and went out of their way to solve the issues. Thumbs up for these guys.