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ZOOcompare ModulePluginExtension Specific Addon

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Professional comparison between ZOO items.

ZOOcompare gives your users the ability to compare your Joomla ZOO app items site-by-side.

Make your ZOO catalog professional, give your users the ability to compare different items of the same type between each other with a simple AJAX-driven interface!

With the ZOOlanders ZOOcompare extension you can decide beforehand which fields will be compared - using the standard ZOO layouts - then let ZOOcompare do the rest!

ZOOcompare also includes JavaScript ordering of the elements, giving the users even more power!

*Compare Items
*Choose Elements to compare
*Control the Compared Items in a Module
*Compare Chart permanent Links

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Reviews: 1
This extension works just as described: very well, and very customisable.

And more importantly, the support is simply the best I have experienced: the developer even helped me to improve the composant for my individual needs - thank you Miljan!