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GraphiBox Element Extension Specific Addon

Fork of YOOtheme ZOO Element "HTML Checkbox" - GraphiBox: graphical checkbox, radio, select.

The element allows to add to everyone checkbox, radio, select options on a image.

- In parameters of a configuration - addition to each option of a image;
- In a marking - a choice of display: a image with the signature or simply image;
- Style in CSS (a separate file).

Note: the button for a choice of the image appears after conservation of primary options of an element.

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Reviews: 4
You might need to fiddle with the CSS a bit to get things to line up vertically or horizontally.

But I have it working for several sections of our site.

I was looking for somehting like this ages ago to display company accreditations and accepted payments. this hits the spot perfectally.
Reviews: 3
Hello, I looks like exactly what I need for my website (screenshots) but you're site is offline and there is no other possibility to download :(
Reviews: 11
Works right out of the box! Thanxs!