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Submission Element for ZOO Extension Specific Addon

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Submission Element is a very easy to use ZOO Element for creating forms with versatile functions.

Creating forms has never been easier. You can easily create any kind of form you want. With a few clicks you may have a Contact Form, Satisfaction Survey, Reservation Form, Order Form etc.

The Submission Element for ZOO used native for ZOO validation and submission process, added to this is the fact that the form is invisible to Spam Bots, so it eliminates automatic form submissions from your website. The Element is optimized for usability and security.

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Reviews: 1
A great element for the zoo, which greatly expanded the possibilities for developing a variety of directories, including the implementation of the "quick order" to send letters to the bulletin board built on the zoo. It is now possible to deduce the supply of materials anywhere in the site, and not only in the material zhumla, which is very convenient. Thanks to author!
Reviews: 17
This extension should be part of ZOO default elements and special thank to Raslab to have think about it and make it available to us.

As it is mention in the description, you can simply do any kind of form and just place it in whatever position of your ZOO template position.

As for us, we have been using this element to create hotel booking form, event booking form and real estate listing inquiry form with this element and all work fine as expected.

I will definitely recommend this element to all JED community users/developers who uses ZOO on their website as it is very powerful, simple and easy to create and manage forms, the support from Raslab as always is perfect, development of this element is continuous, always adding new features and correcting known bugs (if any) on a regular basis.

Thank you again for this very nice and powerful element Raslab, continue your hard work and be blessed for your kindness and loyalty to your customers.