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*** PLEASE NOTE This extension has been withdrawn due to the introduction of changes to the EU VAT rules on that date (in the UK the tax authorities are referring to it as "VAT MOSS"). The time needed to administer these ill thought-out changes to VAT make it impractical for me to continue to produce and sell subscription-access extensions. ***

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Enhances your web site's usability by giving your subscribers easy access to premium or confidential content. Also eliminates the hassle of validating, distributing and updating individual log-in credentials.

AccessByIP-Pro identifies your site users by their web browser address and is thus the ideal way to authenticate users connecting via corporate or academic networks.

This subscription extension is the result of numerous requests for feature-set enhancements from users of our well-reviewed and popular free AccessByIp extension.

Easy does it

Posted on 12 November 2013

Extension does exactly what we were looking for. Users need to register to see all the documentation available. With this auto-login all users working from within the offices of our customers have direct access without the need to register.

Easy install and clear how to use, excellent support (accurate and fast).

Owner's reply: Many thanks for taking the time to share your opinion of my extension. The documentation pages for this extension are now available without needing to log-in or purchase a subscription.

I run an online journal and needed an extension for University subscribers so that anyone from that organisation could access the premium articles without me issuing hundreds of logins.

This extension is simple to use, has a very clear user interface and does the job perfectly. You can set up any IP address or range of IP addresses and connect them to any Joomla user account. When anyone using those IP addresses visits the site, they are greeted with a login module with a (fully customisable) message saying something like 'Your organisation has subscribed to this site, please click to login'. This allows multiple users on one site (or even multiple sites), to easily login and access my premium content. If anyone visits the site who doesn't have their IP address registered, they are presented with the normal Joomla login module.

It works perfectly with K2, and integrates with other subscription extensions.

I was fortunate to be able to meet the developer, James and test the beta version before using this published one. He is very helpful and brings a wealth of experience to this very well thought-out extension. James responded quickly to any queries and suggestions, even when it was me that was at fault!

I would highly recommend this extension to anyone who is looking for a way of providing whole organisation access to their premium Joomla or K2 content.

I am using AccessByIP-Pro for my educational site to give access to schools by using IP-numbers or range of IP-numbers to control access. In todays world, tablets are beeing used more in teaching. The beauty of AccessByIP-Pro is that the site is open for the students or teachers in the wireless zone of the IP-number/range. This is very convenient as else I would have to make a lot of subscriptions, one for each user. Alongside this I am giving access to individuals through built in methods in Joomla. Thanks for great extension.



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AccessByIP identifies your site users by their web browser's IP address and is thus the ideal way to give your academic or corporate customers easy access to confidential and subscription material on your web site. There is no barrier of difficult-to-remember user names and passwords, nor the need to distribute and update individual log-in credentials. PLEASE NOTE - AccessByIP is limited to one user log-in account and recognition of one IP address range. If you require more flexibility and features the "Pro" version of this extension offers multiple users accounts and complex IP address patterns (now listed on the JED).
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*** Now available for J3.x *** Cakecrumbs is a derivative of Joomla's built-in Breadcrumbs module and is intended as a replacement for it. It includes several additional facilities and enhancements to make it easier to implement "breadcrumb" pathways display that meet current "best practice" guidelines for web site usability.


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Dec 28 2014
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Nov 19 2014
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