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The Joomla extension "Facebook Page Fans Only" gives you the capability to create content for page fans only, thus offering an extra motivation for someone to become fan of your facebook page. This is achieved by feeding a page tab with content directly from any article of your Joomla site, where you have marked areas that are visible to page fans only. All the other visitors will see in these areas another message(s) that you have specified, similar to "this content is available to page fans only. Click on the like button to view the exclusive content".

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One of the exciting features of this application is that you can achieve the same result even if the visitor is visiting your website directly, i.e. outside the Facebook environment.

Facebook Pages is a very valuable feature that allows businesses, artists, athletes, celebrities, etc regardless of their size to have their "social home" on the web. The success of a page can be counted by how many visitors it has, as well as by how many people "like" it. The number of people that "like" a page is very crucial, because once a user has clicked on the Like button, he becomes a fan and all the new content that is published on that page will appear automatically on his facebook news feed.

Nice product

Posted on 21 November 2012

This is really nice product, i use it in my website, this product give you a very nice commercial tactic, i have more likes now in my Facebook fan page and i have more trafic to my website, this is really nice because if you combine the power of this component plus some other component to submit you content, well that combination is just fantastic, i am really happy with this component and the support is great too, the component and the team behind the extension are really great.

thank you for this very nice component (sorry for my english :P)



Paid download | Tables & Lists | Dimitrios Mourloukos
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Tabulizer is an application that allows you to add tables to your Joomla! site (articles, modules, K2 items, etc) easily with a consistent feel and look. This is done by letting Tabulizer to convert plain text (or data from other Excel/CSV/XML/HTML files) to beautiful CSS styled HTML tables or graphs, that may have some other features like search filters and sorting headers. This could be a huge time saver, especially if you are working a lot with the same type of tables, or if you want to copy table data from other documents, like MS Word and Excel. You can define your own styles, or use one of the many predefined styles that come with the installation. In any case, you can create your own intelligent styling rules that will format your tables according to your specific needs. On top of styling rules, you can also do simple data calculations, statistical operations, text replacements, cell formatting and many more. Online wizards and easy-to-use forms allow to do all that without writing code! Features available in Tabulizer v4.0: * Regular table editing (for static tables). * Dynamic table creation from other data sources (database, external files, joomla articles) * Import data directly from an Excel file (data + images + styling) * Re-Tabulize an existing table. * Table to Graph conversion (7 graph types) * Responsive design (built-in support for 6 patterns) * Table sorting * Table search filter * Table pagination * Table splitting * Horizontal and vertical scrolls * Table prepend and append * Data calculation * Data replacements * Data formatting * Cell merging * User preferences * System info/Conflict resolution * Improved security
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FB Page Fans Only

Dimitrios Mourloukos
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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