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UPDATE: Full documentation is being written and will be posted soon!

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Easily block countries, states / provinces, regions, zip codes / postal codes, and/or area codes from accessing certain areas of a Joomla website (such as login or registration) or the entire site while still allowing IP address / IP range exclusions (such as search engine bots). With our Joomla plugin, you are now able to block access to your website based on Geo-location information. Simply install the plugin, enter the areas you would like to block, and you're done. Blocked visitors will either see a basic textual block message or they will be redirected to another URL, both of which are configured in the settings

On the other hand, if you have a list of only approved countries, states / provinces, regions, zip codes / postal codes, and/or area codes, you may enter those to specifically allow only those areas and block all other areas.

- Block (or explicitly allow) access to the entire site or specified areas of the website (by entering a list of URLs)
- Enter any combination of countries, states / provinces, regions, zip codes / postal codes, and/or area codes
- Exclude IP addresses or range of IP addresses from being blocked using comma separated values, dash separated ranges, CIDR ranges, and wildcards
- External server look-ups mean you get the most up-to-date information without any manual updating or subscription fees
- By default, the plugin uses an external server to look-up geographic IP address location data which is updated once a month. The database is over 99.5% accurate on a country level and 79% accurate on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius. This requires that your web server supports cURL on port 80 (most web servers do). The plugin also gives you the option of manually downloading the geographic IP location database periodically and uploading to your own server. However, the external server look-up is very fast, very accurate, and is adequate for most users.
- Works with CloudFlare

The plugin has been programmed and tested with all versions of Joomla (1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 2.5, 3.1, 3.2). Feel free to test in other versions of Joomla and report back to us so we can update our information. If you have problems with the plugin in other versions of Joomla and would like us to update the plugin for your version of Joomla, contact us.

Database Cost:
Optional access to the external server which looks up the geographic IP address location data requires a monthly payment of $5 per month (or $48 per year) per domain to cover bandwidth and server resources. If you choose to run the plugin using the local server option, you will need to obtain a copy of the GeoIP database (paid and free versions available) from MaxMind and periodically manually update it yourself.


I installed Geoblocker after I noticed suspicious traffic from countries outside our normal customer base. Works just as expected!

Ease of use

Initially a little tricky to install, but this was mostly user error :)


Phenomenal support. Andrew did a remote installation for me after I ran into trouble. He's very responsive whenever I have questions.


A video tutorial or screenshots would be helpful, but I'm a novice when it comes to plugins. Maybe others don't need as much documentation.

Value for money

For a more secure website and peace of mind, $5 a month is well worth the investment.

I used this to: Keeping my site protected from nefarious traffic.

I never write reviews... Good or bad, I just don't usually take the time to do so.

In this case, the excellence of the product and support I've received from GeoBlocker has given me no choice except yo write this quick review.

I was having security issues on my site and needed a quick fix to block an entire region. After downloading and installing this plugin, I instantly was able to block entire area codes with one simple click.

The developer of this plugin really impressed me. In my haste to get the product up and running, and due to my own failure to read the description fully, I was having troubles.

Support was extremely quick to respond back and forth via email at a late hour when most people would be kicking back and watching a movie with their family, or going to bed for that matter. They really went above and beyond for me and quickly solved my issues.

In summary...

The product itself is Excellent and very easy to install, setup and, use. Nice options for blocking countries, regions, zip codes, and area codes.

The product support is highly impressive. Prompt, personal support when needed was much appreciated.

Thank you again!

I needed to block prices for product within virtuemart for certain countries. As a starting point I took chose this extension. On request the editor Andrew Bucklin implemented my additional special feature overnight for a few bugs and it is working perfect !!! I can recommend this extension to everyone ! Great work !

We required a plug-in for our company website to restrict access to our purchasing area based on customer location.

The GeoBlocker plug-in seemed like the ideal solution and after a simple installation and configuration process we were almost set to go.

Due to the unique configuration of our web server we encountered a couple of errors. However after contacting support we were in an online meeting within minutes and they rewrote parts of the plugin to ensure compatibility with our web server, all while I watched.

The support provided for this plug-in is exceptional and the plug-in works exactly as advertised.

I am a nobody with Joomla and I tried an other Country Blocker extension before (not working). Now, as GeoBlocker also works on Joomla 3.1.1, I bought it, installed it and it just worked perfect, also for dummy users like me ;-). So I'm absolutely happy to have that extension running on my website. Congratulation to the programmers of that extension.

I submitted a question on a Friday afternoon requesting help on how to accomplish something. Turns out that it wasn't possible, but I received an email that Sunday afternoon indicating that the capability I had requested had been added.

The plugin works as advertised and the settings are clearly labelled. More than worth the cost.

This plugin is great. It works just as it is described. I have tested the plugin myself and had it tested from other countries. All tests pass with flying colors. Other IP blockers i have used in the past were just headaches. This one just works. The developer also gave me fantastic support on an issue i was having with a specific database file i downloaded. I highly recommend this plugin.

It works alright

Posted on 27 March 2012

I tested many plugins. The install was seemless. It could have a bit more options like a IP black and white list, but all works ok.

There was a small error in the how to manual about the upload dir for the .dat files of maxmind. Note that it is /plugins/system/GeoBlocker/GeoBlocker/lib

Enjoy this plugin!!



Owner's reply: Dan,

Thank you for your review! We would like to bring to your attention that as of version 1.2, you can explicitly allow or block IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses.

Also, we fixed the bug in regards to the location of the MaxMind .dat file upload. As of version 1.4, it should indeed be placed in: /plugins/system/GeoBlocker/lib (as the manual also specifies).


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