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Hs Users offers you a ability to sign-in with social services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and other major services. The process of authentication on the extension follows Joomla!'s register/login process, which means that you can use the social sign-in function with other Joomla's extensions.

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Main Functions
- This extension follows a process of a default Joomla! users component.
- Easy to setup.
- 10 social services are available
- Works on Joomla! 2.5 and 3.0
- A admin page is integrated with Joomla!'s user admin.
- Available to see user data which is obtained from social services
- Available to add a user image from social services or original image
- Easy to add social list to everywhere( You need to write a PHP code but it's a few lines ).
- For developers, offers Hs User object and easy to access user properties including user image.

Available Social Services
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google
- LinkedIn
- FourSquare
- Yahoo
- Windows Live
- My Space
- OpenID
* Most of social services require to register as a developer to use each API calls. Please see documentation for settings of social services.

- Size of user image is limited to width 50px and height 50px
- Depending on social services, some data cannot be accessible. e.g. Twitter doesn't return e-mail address.
- Bad English! I'm not a good English speaker:( I'm glad to know a correction of my bad English!

Base Engine
Hs Users uses HybridAuth(

Included Files
- pkghsusers : A package file. You can install Joomla! extensions listed followings at once.
- comhsusers : Offers main authentication process.
- modhsusers : Offers social list to default login module
- plguserhsprofile : Offers connection to Joomla!'s user component
- lib
hs : Offers classes related to user object

A main file is which can be installed on Joomla!'s extension manager.

No joy with 3.2

Posted on 05 December 2013

Component does not work with J!3.2. After authenticating in facebook, I get a white screen, saying "invalid token". Tried to contact the author via his website and via email but no reaction in a week or so.

As the last update was in summer (according to JED), it looks like the extension is not being developed any more.

I have tried several social login module/components and this now ranks as among the best.

A problem with all of these is the social sites have increased and are not stable. This makes it a headache for component suppliers to keep up and satisfy Joomla! users. Many developers seek to make a business from supplying social login and reporting tools. This pushes them to proprietary link backs which is led to some being barred from Joomla!.

HS users package provides a clean set of tools for user registration and login. The documentation is basic and I have found some tweaking of call back URLs was necessary. The overall result is that it works without links to the developer. I haven't used it yet, however it's possible to embed the social login using a few lines of PHP code as described the developer site. That feature can probably prove to be very useful to many Joomla! users.

The documentation can use improvement but otherwise I recommend this package be among the first, if not the first to consider for social registration and login.

I've given this Joomla extension 5 stars, because it is one of the few social logon components that doesn't use a middleman. Also it is free, probably because it is based on HybridAuth (an open source social networking sign in library). It also comes recommended from the hybridauth website. I suspect that many of the social networking logon/authentication services available for Joomla are based on Hybridauth.


As yet, this component isn't as well rounded as some others available, but it is getting better all the time. The more people who use it and give feedback the better it will become.

Unfortunately the documentation for this extension isn't great, but I’ve noticed they’ve improved it recently though.


HsUsers is easy to install, it’s free, there is no middleman and there is no monthly fee.

The most important thing for me is that there is no middleman. There is absolutely no need for a middleman and it is undesirable to have one. The middleman has access to your valuable website data and charges you a fee for it! Furthermore, I think you will find that if the middleman has technical problems your users will be unable to log in to your website.

This extension is a must-have if you want social login on your Joomla! website. It's really easy to use it.

I sent a lot of mails to the developer. He responded always within a day!

Super free extension, I highly recommend it.

I used it on a community news letter website . i installed it at once using your package but i enabled the module but it shows a blank space i can't find the login button or anything related to that how can i install and enable it . Brief documentation about installation and procedure in needed. Thanks for the Beautiful Extension

Great Extension

Posted on 16 March 2013

Great extension a with super fast and reliable owner support.

The main plus are:

- this component isn´t running on web based service like other solutions.

- support of very common social share systems



Free | Notes | Hayato Sugimoto
2 reviews
Displays Joomla!'s system message on popup window! User cannot miss the message! Demo On my homepage(, you can see a actual work of the plugin. Try logging into the site with a wrong username and password. Styles - Popup window : A error message is displayed on a fake popup window Topbar : A error message is displayed on a topbar
HS Highlighter

HS Highlighter

Free | Coding & Scripts Integration | Hayato Sugimoto
12 reviews
Make your code display beautiful! Hs Highlighter is a code syntax highlighter with a button to insert your code into content easier. Available languages - HTML, XML - CSS - Javascript - PHP - Plain Text - ActionScript - Bash, Shell - Coldfusion - CPP - C# - Delphi - Diff - Erlang - Groovy - Java - Javafx - Perl - Python - Ruby - Sass - Scala - Sql - VBNet Files - plgcontenthshighlighter : Syntaxhighlighter itself. - plgeditor-xtdhshighlighter : A button plugin to insert codes. *These files are packed to one package file.


Hayato Sugimoto
Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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