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It is often a case that your users will forget the Joomla password - especially if they only visit your website on an infrequent basis. A big problem exists when they need to request a password reminder via Email, but it is treated as Spam and they never get it! Very quickly, your website will lose visitors and registered users who should be interacting on your site.

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This component provides an alternative to the "email password reminder" approach, and it allows your users to request their password reminder by SMS Text Message. When your user clicks on the "Forgot Password" link they must supply their mobile number, which is checked against a database field. If there is a matching mobile number then an SMS is issued and a temp code is provided for them to add it on the website. Once a valid temp code is submitted, an additional SMS is issued to the user with a newly created temporary password. They can now log onto your site without any further problems!

It's very easy to set up and has some excellent features. Not only does it improve upon the Email Reminder concept, but it offers added value on your website and is an impressive way for your users to interact with you to reset their password with minimum fuss.

A clever feature is that the matching lookup database field with the mobile details can be dynamically assigned from the standard Joomla Users table and Community Builder. The component issues SMS text messages using Clickatell's HTTP API. Also includes Captcha to avoid spamming. All SMS content is configurable and you can pass various parameters including username, password and activation codes.

1. Captcha credentials (Public & Private Key).
2. Clickatell Account (HTTP API)

Password Reminder SMS

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Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
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