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This little plugin allows you to manage failed login attempts. The latest version can deter hackers by adding a programmable time delay after a failed login attempt. Upon a failed login attempt, you can redirect to a page in your Joomla site, redirect to a completely different site, or not redirect at all (default). Optionally, you can have it display a custom message such as "Login Failed - please try again".

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V1.66: For Joomla 1.6, 1.7, 2.5 & 3.x websites.

V1.54: For Joomla 1.5 websites.

It just does what it has to do. Simple and correct.

developpers Thank you..


Posted on 04 May 2012

Perfect for what I wanted, thank you!


Posted on 09 April 2012

Installed in seconds and the error file was easily editable. Does exactly what it says it does; what more could one ask for? This is perfect for the new site I'm working on and I absolutely love the ease of use. Thank you for this plugin!

Excellent support!

Posted on 02 April 2012

I have a joomla-website with 2 languages and I needed to redirect to different pages depending on the language. Roger solved this problem for me very fast. Excellent support!

What this extension provides should be an option in the core login module. Essential.

(beta J2.5 - no issues)

(I had a case where redirect worked half of the time only. Fixed by using relative link: index.php/page)

Sorry, didn't work for me on joomla 2.5. I didn't want to redirect when user failed login.

I get a error page of url

with broken page

I see it still in beta mode for joomla 2.5

Owner's reply: Hi,
There is a support forum at
where you can get in touch with me regarding any problems. I'd be glad to help out.

Highly recommended

Posted on 28 February 2012

Tested on Joomla 2.5 and it worked perfectly for me.

Delayed response is a good security improvement.

Highly recommended.

Very good idea

Posted on 26 August 2011

I needed to redirect the failed logins on the same page in order to give them a chance to retry.

Although the plugin does not do that our of the box, it was easy to change its behaviour this way if the failed login URL is left empty in the configuration.

I also applied the change mentioned below to display the failed login message as a Joomla! standard error message.

I'll submit the changes to the developer for review.

Almost perfect

Posted on 01 June 2011

The message of error on login doesn't work in every templates. That can be solved by creating an article just showing the message of error and then redirect in the module to that article. Another solution would be having the option to show the message using an javascript alert? just an idea...

Another problem is if i register an user, initially the user is disabled in the administration. If i try to login that user it doesn't raise the onLoginFailure event so it shows again the login form in the content pane. What event raises in this case? it should validate this situation...

Excellent plugin and a very necessary one. Congratulations to the developer.


It does work with SEF. All my sites are SEF. What may cause some to think it doesn't is if one is trying to use an SEF redirect entry in the plugin. That doesn't work. If you use the non SEF link address (the one you find if you open the link properties), and place THAT in the plugin entry it works perfectly. Thanks to the developer for pointing that out in the forum.


Free | Site Access | Roger Noar
2.5 3
22 reviews
Now you can control who registers on your site. This plugin and module allows you to control or restrict user registration to only those people who have received a "passphrase". This is useful for clubs, organizations, churches, schools, etc that want to limit registration to current and new members who have received the passphrase via email, newsletter, etc. The correct passphrase must be entered before a user can submit their registration. The passphrase should consist of letters and numbers only - eg: "dog123ez" . Do not use punctuation or other symbols. Multiple-word passphrases are OK - eg: "We live to help". You can also use it to keep out the RegBots - by using the passphrase module to ask a simple question such as "How many weeks are in one year", etc. To avoid problems, all letters are converted to lowercase, so it won't matter if the user submits uppercase or lowercase letters in their passphrase. Spaces are ignored. Thank you to Franz Kössinger who created the "CB Passphrase" plugin for Community Builder. Also thanks to Ajay Lulia who created "JSecure Authentication", and Alaattin Kahramanlar (ADJR plugin) - some of the same ideas are used in this plugin.
m p
Component Content Control

Component Content Control

Free | Site Access | Roger Noar
17 reviews
This Joomla plugin allows you to specify the pages of components that are visible to guests versus those pages of the component that require the user to login first. This is useful if you have a component - such as myblog, and you want certain blog pages to be viewable by guests, however, you want other blog pages to be viewable only by logged-in users. Many components only allow you to specify if all or none of the pages are viewable by guests vs registered users. In many cases, you want to pick and choose which pages are public vs private. You can do this with Component Content Control. Version 1.61 - For use on Joomla 1.6, 1.7 and 2.5 websites only. Use V1.52 on Joomla 1.5 websites. NOW you can control multiple components and easily set up your components that you want to be mostly private or mostly public. For example, you might use MyBlog and have a blog that you want to be mostly private, but have some blog pages that you want to be public. Then just enter "com_myblog" in the "Mostly Private Components" parameter, and enter in the Public Tags (url fragments) of the blog pages that you want to be public. At the same time, you might have another component that you want to be mostly public, with private access required for a few pages. Then just enter that component name (eg: com_poll, etc) in the "Mostly Public Components" parameter, and enter in the Private Tags (url fragments) of the pages that you want to be private. Read the comcontrolpluginreadme file at for more details. V1.52a fixes an "empty delimiter" warning sometimes seen.

Redirect Failed Login

Roger Noar
Date added:
Nov 18 2008
GPLv2 or later
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