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Placing a greeting message at the top of your site is a great way to create a welcoming environment and provides the perfect opportunity to clearly state your purpose. The greeting message is often the first thing that people see on a website. What’s more friendly that a simple -hello- or -welcome-. This is why we created a simple welcome module that you can publish anywhere.

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Works great and I like the "Logout" button

Ease of use

First off, thank you for making this available without yet another site registration. It installed in seconds without fuss.


Not needed but I expect it is great.


Not needed

I used this to: A small industry association website
StarAzure Page PreLoader

StarAzure Page PreLoader

Free | Performance | StarAzure
1 review
Create beautiful progress indicator for your page loading and ajax navigation. StarAzure Page PreLoader will automatically monitor your page progress, ajax requests, event loop lag, document ready state, and elements on your page to decide the progress. On ajax navigation it will begin again! Install, publish and you are all set !! Here are the main features: 1) Multiple Theme Options - Choose from a variety of animated themes. 2) Color can be edited easily 3) Automatic progress detection - No need to hook into any of your code, progress is detected automatically. Support: Please do not use JED for support or questions related to this extension. We are ready to help you through our forum - Regards,
StarAzure Image GalleryPlus

StarAzure Image GalleryPlus

Free | Galleries | StarAzure
1 review
StarAzure Image GalleryPlus is a responsive - Google Plus, Flickr & Facebook integrated gallery. Its all about making your website faster - Load your images directly from Google+ and Flickr to enhance user experience. You will love the simplicity and features of this unique image gallery. Just load your images to an album and fill out some fields in the module - It is that SIMPLE ! To manage your photos, all you need to do is add or delete them to your albums on flickr, Google plus and this wonderful module will pick up the changes you made. Main features are: 1) Load photos and albums from Google Plus 2) Load photos and photo-sets from flickr 3) Load photos and albums from facebook 4) Responsive - Adjusts sizes and column count based on screen size 5) Filter albums - Choose what you want to show on your module. Include or exclude albums. 6) Control photo counts with module parameters Now that we have explained what this unique gallery can do, go ahead and look at the demos and download it to try it out yourself. CHANGE LOG Version 1.1.2 (September 14, 2014) 1) Fixed bug to handle changes by Flickr.
StarAzure Login

StarAzure Login

Free | Site Access | StarAzure
0 reviews
Introducing a completely FREE GPL licensed login module. Want to show off a beautiful login module that can be published anywhere? Want to replace your default Joomla login page with a better looking module? Try StarAzure's login module ! User authentication is perhaps the most important feature of a website. A great looking login page is like having a nice front door. try out this free module and we are sure your visitors will love it !

StarAzure Mini Welcome

Date added:
Nov 19 2014
GPLv2 or later
Free download
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